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Are you ready for the future of professional development?

March 28, 2023
Kylie Mcintyre

Within the enormity of change we’ve experienced over the last year, learning and development is something that perhaps took a back seat in the early days of lockdown. But as we take steps into the new, and for many ‘hybrid’, state of working it’s critical that we continue to invest in ourselves and in our teams.

What does the future of professional development look like? At Sova we’ve been conscious of the opportunity to connect virtually with colleagues, clients and peers to ensure we bring focus to learning in a remote environment. We know that like-minded professionals have been looking for alternative ways to learn and invest in continued professional development.

Changing assessment for good

Changing assessment for good is our mantra – for the good of candidates, for the good of in-house teams and for the good of organisations. This, combined with our enthusiasm for all things tech, led us to the idea of launching an online community that would have a strong focus on learning and development.

Fast-forward a year and the Sova Community is up and running. The online forum is a place for learning, sharing of ideas and experiences, and a community of practice with the common goal of changing assessment for good.

Sova’s first online community course

Following months of thoughtful input from our in-house psychologists, we’re proud to launch the first of our online courses this week. ‘Digital Assessment for the Future’, a flexible online five-module course explores how you can virtualise your assessment process so that it’s fit for the future. The course provides participants with a range of resources, knowledge, skills, tools – and importantly – a network of peers and experts in organisational psychology and data science.

Learn more about the course

Our first course includes five modules:

  • Module 1: The challenges facing traditional assessment approaches and how to develop the business case for digital assessment.
  • Module 2: A step-by-step guide to managing a digital assessment transformation project.
  • Module 3: The different digital assessments available and how to practically transform your existing approach.
  • Module 4: Practical considerations for managing a digital and virtual assessment process.
  • Module 5: How to evaluate a digital process, and a glimpse into what the future holds for digital assessment.

Who is the course available to?

This course is for anyone who is interested in how to digitalise their approach to talent assessment, whether in a recruitment or development context. There is no cost involved and you don’t need to be a Sova client.

How long will the course take?

The course takes between six to nine hours to complete. The advantage of the online environment is that you can complete it in your own time and in bite-sized chunks to fit around your other commitments. Take it at your own pace!

Will you get a certificate?

Yes! You do! You’ll be able to download your certificate on completion of the course.

Be part of the movement

Sign up now to access the Digital Assessment for the Future course. Be part of a community of practice, learn, share and be part of changing assessment for good.

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We launched the Sova Assessment Community earlier this year as a place for those interested in talent acquisition, assessment and development to come together, share expertise, explore best practice and network with HR professionals from other organisations.

We’ve created a FREE online course, “Equitable Assessment - why equality is not enough” for you and your team to upskill and make practical changes to your assessment and recruitment processes.

Changing assessment for good
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