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Technical Help: Virtual Assessment Centres

In this section you’ll find technical support and guidance on Virtual Assessment Centres.

Virtual Assessment Centre (AC) troubleshooting

What is a Virtual Assessment Centre?

Your assessment day will be completed in a virtual environment and you will be taking part online from your own home (or a similar quiet, private environment). All parts of the assessment day (including the individual and group exercises) will be conducted in this way for you and all the other candidates and assessors involved in the assessment process.

Our virtual assessment centre is compatible with a number of different video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Whereby - these web-based applications will require access to your PC/Tablet camera and your microphone in order for you to take part on the assessment day through a video call. You will therefore need to be online for the duration of the assessment event using a stable broadband internet connection.

Can I use a smart phone for a Virtual Assessment Centre?

We recommend you do not use a smartphone for the assessment day, as the screen may be too small to read important materials effectively or perform certain activities, which may affect your performance on the day.

What are the system requirements for a Virtual Assessment Centre?

You will need the following hardware on your Desktop PC or Tablet:

  • Microphone – built-in microphone, a USB microphone or inline microphone on headphones
  • Speaker or Headphones
  • In-built camera/webcam
  • Bandwidth requirements: Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). You can check your Internet bandwidth using Speedtest if you are unsure:

The video conferencing part of the assessment centre might take place on either Whereby, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This will be clearly marked within the assessment centre and email instructions ahead of beginning.

Using Whereby | How can I best prepare?

To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend checking your technology set-up the day before your scheduled session. This will allow you time to test compatibility with our platform. Download our factsheet to find out more information.

Using Zoom | How do I download Zoom for my Virtual Assessment Centre?

You can download the free Zoom software onto your PC or Tablet here:

Using Zoom | Can I test my equipment before starting the Virtual Assessment Centre?

Yes - please download the Zoom application (free) above first.

Once you have downloaded the application you need to test your video and microphone are working OK. Please click here: ​and click ‘Join’ – this will open the test meeting for you. In the Meeting test, please test the following:

Using Zoom | My video/camera isn’t working

Please visit the Zoom website for further tips and support.

Using Zoom | My audio isn't working on iOS or Android

Please visit the Zoom website for further tips and support.

Using Zoom | There is an echo in my meeting

Please visit the Zoom website for further tips and support.

Privacy Policy

Where can I find your candidate privacy policy?

You can read our Candidate Privacy Notice here

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