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We're changing assessment for good

We believe that talent assessment should be better. Better at identifying top talent. Better at delivering fair outcomes. And better integrated with your business to give you one complete solution. So at Sova, we're changing assessment for good.

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One platform that powers your people decisions...

Whole Person Assessment

We ask less and learn more by applying whole-person assessment that is faster and simpler than traditional assessment, using a blend of measures including situational judgment, personality assessments and cognitive learning - all designed by our expert team of psychologists.

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing offers convenience for both candidates and recruiters. Sova’s video interviewing technology provides a consistent interview experience for every candidate, removing geographical barriers from the screening process and significantly reducing the cost of hiring.

Virtual Assessment Centres

Our digital assessment centre technology ensures a clear, simple, and consistent journey for both candidates and assessors. Our solution combines all aspects of scheduling, virtual assessment, online results capture, and reporting in one cohesive solution.

360 Questionnaires

Designed for use in personal development, leadership development, and coaching, 360 feedback is a powerful way of gathering feedback from those we work with, whether that’s a manager, peers, or direct reports. Map against your talent framework then score and analyse online.

For the good of your...

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Fairness by Design

Fairness is at the heart of what we do. We believe there’s a perfect role for every person so we assess for potential, not track record. Sova's ethically applied AI helps you to consistently make fair decisions that support more diverse hiring and progression.

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Flexibility & Control

Our configurable platform delivers unique flexibility, putting you in full control. Meaning you can design and build the ultimate candidate experience, time and time again. For every career stage, for every level, we’re the perfect personalised talent assessment platform.

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Accurately identify top talent using our scientifically validated assessments. We enable organisations to make data-driven decisions that are fair, robust and explainable at every stage of the employee journey.

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Throughout the project, the Sova project team have been professional, efficient and responsive. They applied their collective psychometric and digital expertise to understand what we needed and shape the right solution to meet our objectives. Personable and fun to work with, we are excited to have Sova as our assessment partner of the future."
Heather Byass
Resourcing Development Manager
John Lewis Partnership

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New Course

Equitable Assessment

Our Equitable Assessment course is designed to help you review and optimise your assessment process to deliver the right outcomes in terms of effectiveness, but also equity. Available to you and your team on the Sova Assessment Community.

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Module 1
  • Gain clarity over the business case for equitable assessment.
  • Understand the landscape with regards to diversity and inclusion.
  • Understand the differences between diversity, inclusion, equity and equality and their practical implications.
  • Recognise the role of assessment in diversity and inclusion.
Module 2
  • Recognise the importance of a strategic, long term perspective to support meaningful and sustained change.

  • Understand the obstacles to equitable assessment and how these can be overcome.

  • Identify the specific components of assessment processes that can threaten diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Module 3
  • Understand the psychological phenomena that can impact diversity and inclusion at an individual, group and organisational level.
  • Learn about Sova’s maturity model to obtain a practical framework to optimise your approach.
  • Obtain tailored feedback for your organisation by completing our complimentary online assessment.

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Changing assessment for good
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