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At Sova, we partner with companies worldwide to create tailored assessment solutions. Our scientific expertise and digital technology enable us to seamlessly integrate assessments into our clients' talent work...

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Client impact

Discover how our clients have transformed their assessment process with Sova, allowing them to hire and develop the best and most diverse talent, while saving time and cost.

Nationwide was 89% accurate at identifying exceptional performers
Nationwide's assessment with Sova was found to be 89% accurate at identifying exceptional performers, based on overall performance in the role.
Vodafone reduced recruiter time by 66%
Vodafone reduced recruiter time needed by 66% by using Sova's AI solution to automatically score and rank video interviews.
RSA's applicant-to-hire ratio improved from 3:1 to 3:2
RSA's applicant-to-hire ratio improved from 3:1 to 3:2 following the launch of their Sova assessments, driving a more time and cost-effective hiring process.
Randstad's attrition reduced from 30% to 24%
Randstad reduced their attrition from 30% in 2021 to 24% in 2022, suggesting that the new skills-based approach using Sova is getting more of the right people into the right roles.


By working with Sova Assessment, we’ve been able to seamlessly integrate our candidate attraction, applicant tracking, and assessment and selection processes, in order to identify and select the most suitable candidates for our roles and our company

Joanna Dawson

Former Talent & Leadership Specialist UK & International, RSA

Joanna Dawson

Our motivation was to become completely agile in our recruitment processes. We needed a solution that was fit for the future of our business. One that would enable us to get to market faster and that would reduce travel and interview time.

Jenna Alexander

Senior Global Vice President, Randstad Sourceright

Jenna Alexander

In line with the Sellafield’s green agenda, we’ve wanted to switch to paperless assessment centres for some time. Covid-19 forced us to make that switch. Our assessors have valued the fact they haven’t had to travel away from home, fully confident that the virtual platform allows handle hiring with greater care and efficiency, whilst retaining the decision-making quality.

Ross Gardner

Recruitment Advisor, Sellafield

Throughout the project, the Sova project team have been professional, efficient and responsive. They applied their collective psychometric and digital expertise to understand what we needed and shape the right solution to meet our objectives. Personable and fun to work with, we are excited to have Sova as our assessment partner of the future.

Heather Byass

Talent Assessment Manager, John Lewis Partnership

Heather Byass

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