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Professional Series Middle East - Wellbeing and workplace productivity

September 10, 2021
Kylie Mcintyre

Thurs 30th Sept 12pm GST

Join us for our Sova Middle East Professional Series event, where this month we will be discussing wellbeing and workplace productivity. We will explore how organisations can use assessments, as part of a holistic approach to support wellbeing initiatives and increase productivity.

With great focus in this region on individual and organisational wellbeing, we will discuss practical ways to enhance individual wellbeing, as well as steps organisations can take to make sustainable cultural changes.

This month, Sova will be joined by regional expert, Dr. Lucy Bolton (Chartered Psychologist and Assistant Professor at Heriot Watt University), who will share some of her insights and experiences in this area. The event will include a short presentation and live discussion.

The Professional Series and Bitesize Series will run monthly and be available on-demand. We hope to create a community of assessment professionals, to share knowledge and insights in this area.

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