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Middle East Professional Series: Using assessments to create high performing teams

June 04, 2021
Sova Assessment

In this on demand Sova Middle East Professional Series event, we discuss how you can use assessments to create high performing teams.

We share best practice relating to using assessments to select the right individuals into teams, as well as how they can support teams to grow and increase performance, through development initiatives.

This session includes case studies and a live interview with Youssef Jeelani, Talent Acquisition Lead at Mubadala, followed by a discussion.

The Professional Series will run quarterly, alongside the Bitesize Series and be available on-demand. We hope to create a community of assessment professionals, to share knowledge and insights in this area.

Jonathon Rook
Jonathon Rook
Managing Director Middle East, Sova Assessment

Sova offers a comprehensive, data driven talent assessment platform to streamline all of your assessment needs.

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Yousef Jeelani
Youssef Jeelani
Talent Acquisition Lead, Mubadala

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