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Webinar: Selecting diverse emerging talent in a contact-free world

June 24, 2020
Sova Assessment

In the midst of Covid-19, organisations all over the world are working through the many disruptive forces caused by the pandemic. The student labour market is no different and is particularly disrupted this year, with many challenges to address such as virtual hiring, building a diverse workforce, delivering the right talent for the future, all at a time of unprecedented commercial pressure and change. So, how do you optimise your future talent assessment process so that quality, diversity, efficiency and candidate experience are not compromised, all within a contact-free environment?

In this webinar, we will address each of these important challenges, drawing on client projects to demonstrate:

  • How a virtual end-to-end assessment process doesn’t have to be distant
  • Why legacy approaches to assessment fall short when it comes to building a diverse talent pipeline
  • How our unified technology platform signals an end to the disjointed hurdle race for candidates and delivers significant cost and time savings for organisations.
  • What skills and competencies are driving success in a dynamic and evolving workplace.

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