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Hourly hiring redefined

Efficient. Fair. Tailored: Supercharge your hiring process for hourly positions with Sova's precision talent assessment tools. Boost productivity and retention by matching the right peo...

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Hiring hourly workers? Sova solves it.

Boost your hiring of hourly workers with Sova. Our platform is tailored to the unique needs of hourly recruitment, ensuring an efficient, fair, and candidate-friendly experience. Employ the power of customisable assessments and seamlessly integrated video interviews for quick and precise identification of top talent.

Speedy Screening
Sova's platform is designed for efficiency, allowing recruiters to screen large volumes of candidates quickly. This is particularly advantageous for hiring hourly workers where turnover rates may be higher and the need to fill roles rapidly is paramount.
Fairness and Objectivity
Using AI-driven assessments, Sova ensures that every candidate is evaluated on the same criteria, reducing biases and promoting a more diverse and inclusive workforce. This is essential for hourly positions which can often see a diverse pool of applicants.
Customisable Assessments
Sova's platform allows for customisation of assessments to cater to your brand as well as specific job requirements.
Engaging Candidate Experience
Sova offers an engaging, user-friendly candidate experience, important for attracting and retaining interest among candidates for hourly positions, who are often exploring multiple job opportunities simultaneously.
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One unified Assessment Experience Platform

Our assessment experience platform seamlessly integrates with your HR, recruitment, and development systems, providing a holistic view of talent. Automate and connect your processes to respond to every talent assessment need quickly and at scale. Experience faster, more efficient hiring and development with Sova

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The science and technology behind Sova

Sova's advanced scientific expertise powers our technology, enhancing talent decision-making accuracy and optimising user experience and efficiency. Our AI and machine learning capabilities continually improve fairness and business impact, ensuring inclusive and ethical assessment processes that deliver the best talent outcomes for all.

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Truly engage your talent & talent teams - globally

Sova's Assessment Experience Platform is customised to your organisation's unique goals, roles, and context. Our centralised approach and smart change management enable a seamless experience across multiple languages and markets, combining local autonomy with efficiency. Our platform delivers consumer-grade, immersive, and interactive digital experiences that engage and excite your talent and talent teams. 

The Sova difference

Improve Accuracy

Nationwide used Sova to identify and recruit exceptional performers with 89% accuracy.

Improved candidate experience

95% of TUI's candidates agreed that the assessments gave them a positive impression of the brand.


John Lewis achieved a 50/50 gender balance and 0 adverse impact across ethnic groups using Sova.

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