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eBook: A roadmap to transforming enterprise talent

May 28, 2023
Emma Foote

What’s the cost of not hiring the right people?

Of losing great candidates to your competitors?

Of endlessly spinning your wheels on diversity, despite your best efforts?

You probably recognise the issues because like most organisations you’re probably experiencing the symptoms right now:

  • Longer time-to-hire

  • Difficulty filling vacancies

  • The wrong people in roles

  • Increasing recruitment costs

  • Escalating turnover

  • Intensifying pressure on recruitment

And ultimately poor engagement; a shaky culture that compounds your challenges improving diversity and inclusion; stagnating productivity.

And the less tangible pains too. Great ideas brought to your competitors’ tables instead of yours. Slow time-to-market. Fumbling collaboration. Lethargy between strategic thinking and operational execution.

Transforming recruitment is a key part of solving these challenges. Specifically, transforming the recruitment decision-making process.

Download the eBook and we'll take you through:

  • How first-generation digital assessment is holding most organisations back

  • The essential components of next-generation assessment

  • A roadmap to manage this transformation, to change assessment for good.

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Changing assessment for good
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