White paper: Being digital, human and agile - Winning in an uncertain world

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calendarSeptember 01, 2018
calendarSova Assessment
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We know from research that there is a clear correlation between organisational agility and business success. We can also safely predict that the correlation will only grow stronger, as the global economic environment becomes ever more turbulent and technology continues developing at an exponential pace.

What can sometimes be less clear, however, is what organisational agility actually consists of, and what changes in mindset, structure and approach businesses may need to make in order to achieve it.

One of the most common definitions of organisational agility links it with the ability to adapt to change proactively rather than reactively, both at an individual and at an enterprise level. Some commentators go even further, defining agile organisations as those that positively seek out and thrive on change, as opposed as to those that simply manage it, however effectively they may do so.

As growing numbers of industries have their traditional models upturned, most obviously by ever-increasing levels of digitalisation, we see lack of agility causing more and more organisations to fall by the wayside.

In this white paper we explore:

  • Why is organisational agility such a hot topic for business today
  • The business context and case for organisational agility
  • Why is it so relevant for talent management, leadership development and organisational effectiveness
  • Some sector specific examples of disruption that required an agile response
  • What this all means for organisations and for us as business psychologists or for you, as HR practitioners

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