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White paper: Ethics, equality and empowerment: Assessment in the age of AI

We’ve been able to make good, data-based decisions via assessment for a long time. Now artificial intelligence (AI) is making that process more accessible, more affordable and more scalable.

The adoption of AI is happening quickly and there is a huge amount of potential for AI in assessment to create better outcomes for businesses.

The trend of businesses becoming a lot more analytical is healthy, but there is a risk that organisations rush into buying technology-enabled solutions without being clear about the problem they are trying to address and what they want to achieve. We need to be clear about the objectives and expected returns as we would with any other investment.

Technology alone offers just processing power. What we teach the models, put into algorithms, and the insight from humans is where the true value from AI is to be found. Therefore, developing the forces that power the technology – psychology and human insight – is where we as assessment providers are bringing our focus.

In this paper, we explore:

  • The appetite for AI in recruitment
  • What are the risks of adopting AI in assessment?
  • Where do the opportunities in adopting AI lie?
  • How to navigate the risks through good practice
  • How to make sure AI in assessment creates the best outcomes for your business.

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