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Sova announces integration with accessibility toolbar Recite Me

May 28, 2023
Nicola Fine

We are delighted to announce our integration with accessibility toolbar, Recite Me -  an accessibility assistive toolbar that allows all candidates to view assessment information in a way that best suits them.

By integrating Recite Me into our platform, we are taking a big step towards creating a more inclusive candidate experience for our clients.

Why Recite Me?

Recite Me's core message is that Accessibility + Usability = Inclusion. Their technology and supporting services bridge the gap between accessibility and usability, creating more inclusive online experiences.

Inclusive candidate experience is essential to support all those who encounter barriers when trying to read and understand content online.

What does it look like?

The Recite Me toolbar includes customisable styling options including text increase/decrease, font and background colour edits to assist candidates with a visual impairment or dyslexia. Reading aids include rulers, reading mask and margins.

The toolbar sits at the top of the interactive homepage or assessment for both candidates and assessors:

Recite Me Screenshot

A closer look at the icons in the toolbar:


Increase: Increases text size


Decrease: Decreases text size


Colour: Changes the background, link and text colours


Ruler: Enables the reading ruler


Screen Mask: Creates a letterbox for focused viewing of the page


Reset: Restores default settings

Try it for yourself

Take at an interactive tour to see the candidate experience of Recite Me.

Crucially - candidates are able to adapt their experience at the point of use, without the need to disclose their requirements to anyone. Those who don’t require it can simply close the toolbar and won’t see it again.

By providing a platform that is accessible to people with disabilities, we are not only helping to ensure that everyone has access to opportunities, but we are also creating a more diverse and innovative workforce. We hope that our clients will join us in this mission and take advantage of the many benefits that come with an inclusive approach to recruitment.

What are the implications for my assessments?

The functionality has been carefully reviewed by our experts to ensure it is appropriate for use across our mix of assessments.

How do I implement it?

Please contact Sova Customer Support  to register your interest, and they will let you know the next steps to getting the toolbar in your Sova Assessment Experience.

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