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Will ChatGPT Kill Recruiting As We Know It?

Is ChatGPT a friend or foe?

Seemingly out of nowhere, 2023 has begun with an explosion of hype about the conversational AI tool called ChatGPT. Most of this press has been negative, focusing on the tool’s ability to act as a credible imposter, facilitate cheating, and take our jobs. It seems almost no industry is immune from dystopian thoughts about the changes this technology will bring.

Certainly, all this buzz is an overreaction. Or is it?

It’s hard to know for sure because we are just getting started on a long long journey with conversational AI. In his recent column for Forbes, Lance Elliot does an excellent job of explaining what ChatGPT is and exploring its potential impact. While Elliot does cover a range of potential long-term problems that may arise, he provides no definite answers, concluding that only “time will tell” if it is good or bad for mankind.

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