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Changing assessment for good

Sova is a scientifically strong and digitally delivered assessment platform. Our foundations in organisational psychology power our assessments to deliver fair, equitable outcomes without compromising on anything else.

Our award-winning online assessment platform includes tools for internal hiring and leadership development as well as recruitment.

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What makes us different?

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Pinpoint accuracy

We tailor validated content within our talent assessment platform to your specific needs. This greatly enhances the precision of measurement, enabling you to find and hire the best talent.

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Fair and inclusive

Fairness by design is at the heart of what we do. Our advanced analytics take this to the next level, powered by responsible use of machine learning.

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Digitally delivered, scientifically strong online recruitment software. Our foundations in organisational psychology power our assessments to deliver the best outcomes for candidates, hiring managers and the business.

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We provide a best-in-class candidate experience that is engaging and highly relevant for your candidates.

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your team
with ultimate control

Our configurable platform delivers unique flexibility, putting you in full control. Craft a candidate or employee journey which fits hand-in-glove with the needs of your business.

A process that's fair by design

Fairness by design is at the heart of what we do. There’s a perfect role for every person, and creating opportunity means assessing for potential, not track record. Sova’s commitment to intelligent, ethically applied AI helps you to consistently make fair decisions that support more diverse hiring and progression.

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Through our fully configurable online assessment platform, we enable organisations to make data-driven decisions that are fair, robust and explainable at every stage of the employee journey. Book a demo to learn more about how our approach to assessment can help power your people decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do online assessments work?

Online or virtual hiring does not need to feel distant. Unlike some applications of online employment software, Sova offers a seamless assessment journey for candidates and hiring managers using video interviews, virtual assessment centres, and engaging online assessments. The outcomes are just as valid, if not more so than face-to-face hiring processes where inconsistency between hiring managers can lead to bias or a mixed candidate experience.

What is a virtual assessment centre?

To reduce carbon footprint, lessen the need for travel, or to deal with large volumes of job applications, a virtual assessment centre provides an opportunity to include group exercises, meetings, interviews, and job previews within your hiring process. The entire day can be hosted online using a customised welcome page on Sova’s online assessment platform that includes your branding, video interview software, the facility to interviews, and your choice of assessments. Live scoring and reporting reduce the administration burden and speeds up the process.

How does one assessment platform manage both recruitment and development?

Sova is much more than a hiring platform. Our clients get the most value from using Sova as a full talent management platform, including internal talent development and leadership development assessment. Data points are collected at every stage meaning that performance, promotion, and development can be mapped and analysed across the organisation well beyond the hiring processes. A joined-up view of your data over time provides the opportunity to improve your processes and the outcomes for each candidate.

How does Sova integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATS) or other enterprise software?

Our technology team manages integrations with all major applicant tracking systems and we are adding more on a regular basis. We work closely with you to integrate the systems required to provide a seamless and smooth process for candidates, hiring managers, and the talent acquisition team.

Changing assessment for good
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