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We’re a fast-growing, innovative team committed to changing assessment for good

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We’re on a mission to change assessment for good. Each and every one of our team plays a part in creating a world where there are fairer, more objective decisions about talent at work. We design precise assessments, making no compromise when it comes to efficiency, fairness, candidate experience and effectiveness - and we do that by harnessing the expertise of our team and the latest digital technology. Every member of our team contributes to our success and no matter what our area of expertise, we are unified in our commitment to making a difference for our clients.

We are an exciting and dynamic company, dedicated to helping our customers make better, fairer decisions about talent.

What's life like at Sova?

We recognise that the sum of the team is greater than its parts, so we want people who work well as part of a team and who see shared goals as more important than their own.

With an exciting, fast-paced environment comes so many great opportunities to learn more and grow personally and professionally. It’s a place where those with ambition and a thirst for knowledge can truly thrive.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Alan Bourne
Alan Bourne
CEO & Founder
Gavin 770x770
Gavin Mulcahy
Regional Lead – UK & Europe
Nicola Tatham new
Nicola Tatham
Director of Product Solutions
Sarah Mortensen
Sarah Mortenson
Head of Customised Solutions
Chrissie Higgs
Christine Higgs
Chief Revenue Officer
Abigail Scott
Abigail Scott
Regional Lead – APAC
Jarret Hardie
Jarret Hardie
Chief Technology Officer

Our Values

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Making Science Work

We make science work in the real world, by combining our core psychological expertise with the creative use of digital technology, challenging existing thinking to reimagine what can be achieved. Our measure of success is simple – have we made the greatest measurable impact we can to help our clients.

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Different, Together

We work to create something none of us could manage alone. It works because we are committed to a shared goal, value teamwork, recognise each other’s strengths, and always communicate openly, honestly and respectfully.

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Restless Spirits

We are endlessly curious – about our science, our clients and our industry. By questioning assumptions, embracing new experiences and travelling beyond our comfort zone, we are able to respond with speed and agility to a constantly changing world.

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Ever Upwards

We love achieving what we set out to achieve, as individuals, as teams and as a business. We care about working profitably and sustainably. We always look to go one better and never do anything by halves.

Changing assessment for good
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