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Elevate Your Hiring with Virtual Assessment Centers

Experience the future of assessment with our immersive and engaging virtual solution. Candidates can participate in interactive exercises, simulations, and role plays, all from the comfort of their own environment. Save time and costs while gaining valuable insights into candidates' skills and potential. Streamline your assessment process and unlock the power of virtual assessments today.


The Sova difference

Improve Accuracy

Nationwide used Sova to identify and recruit exceptional performers with 89% accuracy

Faster Hiring

TUI used Sova to drastically cut their recruitment time from an average of 8-12 weeks to only 1 week.


John Lewis achieved a 50/50 gender balance and 0 adverse impact across ethnic groups using Sova

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Fully customisable

The Virtual Assessment Centres by Sova are fully customisable, both in function, and in look and feel. Choose from an array of exercises & assessments, as well as functions such as welcome notes and prework - all packaged in a fully branded solution in a tailored experience true to your identity. 

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Intuitive and easy to use

Our state of the art platform is designed to enhance candidate experience and minimise frustrations. No additional softwares are required to run the assessments, and the VAC interface is fully adjustable by the candidate (e.g. moving/resizing screens) to meet their needs.  

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Effortless set up & management

Setting up virtual assessment centers has never been easier with Sova's intuitive platform. Our user-friendly interface enables you to effortlessly create and manage virtual assessment centers, saving you time and effort. Track the progress of candidates, access easy-to-understand reports, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. With Sova, you can streamline your assessment process, cut down on administrative tasks, and focus on identifying the best talent for your organization


How can Sova help with enterprise talent assessment?

Sova is a highly configurable enterprise level talent AXP. We create a library of personalised and flexible assessment solutions which can be delivered in multiple languages with central visibility. Local markets are empowered by having the autonomy to utilise the assessment content that meets their specific needs.

How will Sova support us changing our assessment platform?

Our experts work with you to map and stress test your systems, stakeholders and local markets. They will then help you to develop the best approach to rolling out and embedding your Sova solution. We enable you to grow communities of practice and build advocacy in a way that best speaks to your organisational context. Sova gives you the data and platform to showcase business impact across your entire internal and external ecosystem via awards submissions, case studies and events.

How does Sova deploy AI and machine learning?

Sova strongly advocates the use of ethical AI. Our AI and machine learning has been developed by industry leading experts in organisation psychology and technology; optimised to support both fairness and prediction. Our AI refines your assessment content and scoring to ensure your solution is continuously and automatically optimised.

How long does it take to implement Sova?

his varies depending on the complexity of your solution. You can use Sova OTS tools in a matter of hours, while more bespoke solutions can take up to 2 weeks for a simple configuration of the platform and between 6-12 weeks for more complex projects.

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