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Put your brand in the hands of the right people

Drive efficiency and retention
without compromising quality of hire

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Bring your
brand to life

Introduce the right people to your brand with full confidence they’ll deliver a great experience to your customers. Use Sova’s fully virtual assessment platform to bring your brand to life through personalised branded content and realistic job previews. Craft a candidate experience that seeks out the right behaviours for customer facing roles in the ever-changing world of work. Candidates could be future customers too and using the Sova platform, every candidate can receive a post-assessment developmental report.

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Design and build a streamlined process

Use the Sova platform to design and build a fully virtual candidate journey choosing the elements that fit your needs. Include blended assessments to get a rounded view of candidates, schedule video interviews and host a virtual assessment centre. Deploy a seamless experience for every candidate regardless of the volume of hires. Take full control of reporting and analytics with post assessment results and observations all in one place.

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Drive retention, speed & performance

Drive retention, speed and performance without compromising on quality of hire, or anything else. The Sova approach to assessment enables you to hire fairly and accurately – at speed. Because Sova assesses only what’s important for success in a role, you can create a shorter, more engaging journey that yields the right hires in a faster recruitment cycle with fewer dropouts. Integrated dashboards and analytics provide oversight of the process and continuous optimisation of the assessment journey.

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Through our fully configurable assessment platform, we enable organisations to make data-driven decisions that are fair, robust and explainable at every stage of the employee journey. Book a demo learn more about how our approach to assessment can power your people decisions.

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Changing assessment for good
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