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Customisable Assessments

Tailored to your needs

Sova works with you to identify the key criteria to measure within your selection process. Our blended approach to assessment measures a range of constructs including for example, situational judgement, personality and ability, in one assessment to achieve a whole person view. Everything is configured to fit the unique needs of your organisation. 

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Candidate Interface 

Enhance your candidates’ experience and help them build a relationship with your brand. The candidate interface can be completely customised to reflect your branding, and Sova’s ‘hotspot’ options allow you to make the assessment experience specific to your candidates. Candidates can choose hotspots. E.g. welcome videos or specific assessments such as video interviews, for a seamless experience. 

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Candidate Scheduling

From the candidate portal, candidates can pick from a list of available dates on when to schedule their assessment centre. Saving valuable time in administration of candidate availability. 

Behavioural Assessments

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Personality Assessments

Our personality questionnaire can be completed in full or tailored to your organisational values. Sova can be leveraged to create a customised assessment tool which accurately measures all aspects of your framework and required behaviours. Sova's item banks are underpinned by HEXACO personality framework. Candidates are presented with statements and asked to rank them from 'least like me' to 'most like me.'

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Motivation Assessments

This assessment measures the key factors that stimulate and enthuse individuals in the workplace. Just like our personality assessment, the items within the motivation assessment can also be mapped to your competencies or values and woven into a blended assessment. Understanding what drives individuals in the workplace is key to understanding how engaged they will feel by a role or working context, helping you to retain talent and create the conditions for individuals to thrive. 

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Situational Judgement Tests

With Sova's innovative assessment platform, you can leverage the full potential of SJTs to make informed hiring decisions. Our SJTs are meticulously designed to simulate challenging situations candidates may encounter on the job. Through interactive scenarios, candidates are presented with various options and are evaluated based on their ability to analyse the situation, identify the most appropriate course of action, and demonstrate sound judgment.

Cognitive Reasoning Assessments

Cognitive Reasoning

Sova’s range of ability tests include a mixture of Verbal, Numerical, Logical and Checking tests. Our tests are adaptive and assess suitability for a range of roles from junior roles to senior management. Some of our tests are already British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited and we have an ongoing focus on data collection to achieve this across all of our assessments. Our assessments are backed by industry best practice and a commitment to ensuring fairness, validity and reliability.

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Verbal Reasoning

This test assesses how quickly and accurately the candidate can understand, analyse, and interpret written information and use it to draw the correct conclusions. This type of reasoning ability is involved in tasks that require making sense of large amounts of written information, such as interpreting written reports or documents. Candidates are asked to choose if a statement is true, false or if they cannot say, given the information presented.

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Numerical Reasoning

This test assesses how quickly and accurately the candidate can process numerical information and calculate the answer to a series of questions. This type of reasoning ability is involved in tasks that require analysis and interpretation of numerical data, such as working with graphs or budgets, or carrying out various calculations. Candidates are asked to choose the correct answer given the data provided.

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Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning tests assesses how quickly and accurately the candidate can identify and interpret the relationship between a collection of shapes and patterns. This type of reasoning ability is used in tasks that involve abstract information or data, such as in technology or engineering and give prospective employers an indication of a candidate’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Gamified Assessments

Unleash the power of gamified assessments

Elevate your talent assessment process with Sova's gamified assessments. By integrating game-like elements into the assessment experience, we transform the traditional approach into an engaging and interactive journey. With gamified assessments, you can captivate candidates, assess their skills, and make data-driven hiring decisions with confidence. Sova's gamified assessments offer a range of immersive activities and challenges that allow candidates to showcase their abilities in a fun and engaging way. 


Learnability Assessments (Beta) 

Unlock insights with learnability tests

Discover the potential of candidates' learnability with Sova's Learnability Tests. Our innovative assessments assess an individual's ability to acquire new knowledge, skills, and adaptability in a rapidly changing environment. By measuring learnability, you can identify candidates who possess the aptitude and mindset to thrive and grow within your organisation. Sova's Learnability Tests are designed to evaluate a candidate's cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and willingness to learn.


Skills Assessments

New: Skills Assessments

Discover a smarter way to hire with Sova's new Skills Assessments powered by eSkill. 

A more holistic candidate view: Our assessments help you identify a wider range of skills in candidates, ensuring you never overlook talent. Make data-driven hiring decisions and find the right match for your organisation.

Enhanced assessment library: Gain instant access to an extensive library of skills-based assessments. These assessments are designed to provide job-relevant insights, saving you time and effort in the hiring process.

Tailored for you: Customise assessments to suit your unique needs. Choose from over 800 standard tests for various roles or create your own tailored assessments with your questions.

Simplify your recruitment process, save time, and make informed hiring decisions with our new Skills Assessments powered by eSkill. Get started today.




Does a customised assessment always include the same question types?

No – the content is completely bespoke based on the organisational and role requirements. Sova works closely with our clients to understand what success looks like and designs assessments that reflect this.  

How do you ensure validity?

We have a database of questions that have demonstrated relaibilty and validity across a range of settings. We also pilot any customised assessments to ensure predictability within the role/organisation.

Can we add our own imagery and videos to a customised assessment?

Absolutely – we can add a different image or video per question and also alongside any informative text. 

How do I know which assessment to use?

Sova will help you to understand what is needed for success in your organisation and role. Once you know this, we will be in a better position to select the best assessments for you. We can take account of how long you want the assessment to be, how you wish to use it and what you need to measure to ensure you have a fit for purpose assessment. It might be that you opt to use our blended assessment approach, which enables you to pick and choose from our assessment database.  

How long do the Sova assessments take to complete?

The short answer is, they vary. We have off the shelf assessments that take 5 minutes and others that take around 25. Further, we can customise an assessment to suit your needs so if you are looking for a short, focused assessment we can provide that but if an in-depth assessment is what you are looking for, we can ensure you have that richness of information too. As an example, the full personality questionnaire takes around 20-25 minutes to complete but if you opt to use the full questionnaire, you have access to 18 different reports. 

What is the reliability of your assessments?

When designing an assessment, we work towards the standards used by the European Federation of Psychologists Association Review Model for the Description and Evaluation of Psychological Tests (The EFPA Review Model). The British Psychological Society use this model. As we have a wide range of assessments, it is difficult to answer in one response but for example, the average internal consistency reliability for the Personality Questionnaire’s standard 18 traits is 0.80, which is well above the EFPA criteria. The Motivation Questionnaire average is 0.84.  As a further example, the test: re-test reliability of our cognitive tests is on average 0.77.

What is the validity of your assessments?

When designing an assessment, we work towards the standards used by the European Federation of Psychologists Association Review Model for the Description and Evaluation of Psychological Tests (The EFPA Review Model). The British Psychological Society use this model. As we have a wide range of assessments, it is difficult to answer in one response plus, there are many different types of validity.  

Our off the shelf assessments have been validated across multiple roles and sectors and we typically advise our clients to pilot and validate assessments where possible. Typical criterion validity studies that we have reported see varied significant correlations that can be classed as ‘moderate’ all the way though to ‘very strong’. Suffice to say, we have a strong and growing evidence base.

What are the benefits of using an off the shelf assessment?

If you are keen to keep costs down and to be ready to go more quickly, our off the shelf assessments can help. Making them available to you on our platform is simple to do and we have plenty of supporting collateral to help you use our assessments. There is no upfront time needed to design the custom assessment for you.  

What training do I need to use your off the shelf assessments?

We ask for there to be someone trained in the use of ability and personality assessment in your organisation but many of our reports have been developed so that hiring managers, for example, can use and interpret them with no risk. We do have some reports that we advocate only being shared with trained users (e.g., the Derailment Report). 

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