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Your organisation is unique, so is our solution.

Unlike other platforms offering static assessments, a Sova solution is built around your organisation’s unique needs and roles. With a flexible range of expert assessment content and formats, you can design and build a seamless multi-stage process, all in one place with our complete virtual assessment platform. For every career stage, for every level, we’re the perfect personalised talent assessment platform.

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Choose from an extensive library of flexible, scientifically robust assessment content, to measure what matters most for the role and your organisation.

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Interactive homepages are the hub for candidates and assessors. This is where candidates can access different activities such as watching a welcome video, taking an assessment and accessing feedback. It’s where assessors meet candidates, score and leave feedback. One central hub for all communications, provides a better, more coherent experience.

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We work with you to define what’s right. We then use a blend of measures including situational judgment, personality, and ability through a series of questions and tasks, using scientifically validated questions designed by our expert team of psychologists. We ask less and learn more by applying whole-person assessment that is faster and simpler than traditional assessment.

Situational Judgement
Assessment Types


Assessing how candidates respond to specific scenarios that they are likely to encounter in their role is one of the most effective ways of predicting fit in a role. Scenarios can be brought to life using imagery, video, or animation. In response to each scenario, candidates choose a ‘most effective’ and ‘least effective’ response. The scenario evolves depending on how the candidates responds, reflecting a real-life situation where actions have consequences.

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Assessment Types


Objectively assessing a candidate’s personality helps you to go beyond the CV and understand their preferences at work. Based on the HEXACO model, get to know a person in terms of how they interact with others, how they organise themselves and approach problems as well as how they manage their emotions at work. Our range of focused, user-friendly reports for candidates, hiring managers and internal talent, can be mapped against your talent framework to provide powerful insight to inform your decision-making.

Assessment Types

Cognitive Ability

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Verbal Reasoning

How quickly and accurately can a candidate process novel verbal information and use it to draw the correct conclusions? This type of reasoning ability is involved in tasks that require making sense of large amounts of written information, such as interpreting written reports or documents.

Numerical Reasoning

How quickly and accurately can a candidate process novel numerical information and use it to calculate the answer to a question? This type of reasoning ability is involved in tasks that require analysis and interpretation of numerical data, such as working with graphs or budgets, or carrying out calculations.

Logical Reasoning

How quickly and accurately can a candidate process novel abstract information, such as identifying patterns in a sequence? This type of reasoning ability is involved in tasks that involve more abstract information or data, such as in programming or sciences.


Designed to measure ability to learn, candidates must observe data, learn the underlying patterns, and apply their learning to solve problems. Candidates are required to answer interconnected multi-choice questions, drawing on what they have learned previously to answer the next question using words, numbers and symbols.

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Assessment Types


Video interviewing offers more than convenience for both candidates and recruiters. A one-way video interview is a great opportunity to engage with your candidates early in the hiring process and to demonstrate that your organisation cares about providing a positive and engaging experience.

Sova’s video interviewing technology provides a consistent interview experience for every candidate, removing geographical barriers from the screening process and significantly reducing the cost of hiring. Optional machine learning tools can help you prioritise and reduce the time required for reviewing video interview responses.

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Digital Assessment Centre

Our digital assessment centre technology ensures a clear, simple and consistent journey for both candidates and assessors. Our solution combines all aspects of scheduling, virtual assessment, online results capture and reporting in one cohesive solution. Analysis shows significant time savings of up to 30% on administration and significantly more efficient use of assessor time through automated scheduling. The technology can be deployed in face to face assessment centres, or in conjunction with video conferencing technology for a fully virtual assessment experience.

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360 Feedback

Designed for use in personal development, leadership development and coaching, 360 feedback is a powerful way of gathering feedback from those we work with, whether that’s a manager, peers or direct reports. The assessment can be mapped against your talent framework and is completed, scored and analysed online. Detailed reports against each competency provide valuable feedback and you can easily see where there is consensus or difference between rater groups.

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