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One-way Interviews

Elevate interview experience with video interviews

Simplify your assessment process with one-way video interviews by Sova. Experience the convenience of asynchronous interviews, empowering candidates to showcase their skills and allowing assessors to evaluate at their own pace. Our solutions are tech agnostic and do not require any additional software to be downloaded

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Candidate welcome pages

Enhance candidate experience with customised welcome and instruction texts. Welcome videos can be added & candidates have an opportunity to practice prior to starting the live questions. This is designed to ensure candidates have a smoother, more fulfilling experience.

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Customisable assessment questions

Tailor your assessment to specific competencies and job requirements. Design comprehensive questionnaires or focus on key areas of interest to gather insights that matter most to your hiring decisions.

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Streamlined evaluation process

Evaluate candidate responses efficiently with a user-friendly interface. Rate responses based on competencies, provide additional notes, and leverage AI scoring for enhanced objectivity and consistency.

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Seamless integration 

Integrate one-way video interviews seamlessly with your existing recruitment processes and Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Enjoy a cohesive and efficient workflow without the hassle of switching between platforms.


Responsible AI

We only use proven AI in which we’re fully confident. We use nothing experimental. The tools and scoring we use are thoroughly tested and legal.


Improved Efficiency

Significantly reduce time to hire and admin time by removing HR admin time, travel time and the need to align diaries for a ‘live’ interview.


Improved Fairness

A fixed pool of questions enables consistent candidate experience. AI-powered scoring eliminates unconscious bias from scoring.

Two-way Interviews

Tech agnostic two-way interviews

Experience the power of Sova's comprehensive platform for conducting two-way interviews. From efficient scheduling and integrated video capabilities to personalised content and data capture, our solution streamlines the entire process, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for both interviewers and candidates.

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Seamless embedded live video interviews

Sova takes video interviews to the next level with our embedded live video feature. Conduct real-time, face-to-face interviews with candidates directly within the platform, eliminating the need for external video conferencing tools. Our integrated video technology ensures a smooth and high-quality interview experience, enabling clear communication and effective assessment of candidates' skills and suitability.

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Interview scheduling

Sova simplifies the interview scheduling process by offering flexible options for candidates. Our platform can be configured to allow candidates to self-schedule their interviews, choosing from a list of available dates and times that suit their convenience. This eliminates the back-and-forth communication between candidates and hiring managers, streamlining the scheduling process and reducing administrative overhead.

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Interview set up & execution

Sova's comprehensive platform simplifies interview setup by allowing you to create a structured and consistent interview process enabling interview questions design that align with your hiring criteria.  Our solution also enhances the overall interview experience. With our interview content, notes, and data capture capabilities, you can effectively evaluate candidates and gather valuable insights. 

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Scoring and assessing made easy with Sova

Sova simplifies the scoring and assessing process, empowering you to evaluate candidates objectively and efficiently. Customise scoring criteria, leverage AI technology for automated scoring and analysis, access comprehensive candidate profiles, compare candidates, and generate real-time reports and insights. With Sova, you can streamline evaluation, make fair decisions, and gain valuable insights into candidate suitability. 


How do interviewers score video interviews?

For each completion, an interviewer can access a link to the participant’s video interview responses to review and score. Any additional information for interviewers can also be displayed on-screen for each question. We also offer the ability to initially score video interviews with the use of AI. This is particularly useful for processing high volumes of participants. 

Can participants re-record or review their video interviews?

The platform is customisable such that for each question, you can decide whether a participant may review, or re-record, their response. 

What are the technical requirements for video interviewing from a participant perspective?

These can be found in our candidate preparation hub under the resources section on the site

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