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Robust and easy to use analytics

Our new Analytics Dashboard allows you to review and monitor key metrics on your assessment processes at a glance, enabling you to optimise your assessment process and better support data-driven decisions.

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Track participant performance

Sova’s Analytics Dashboard offers a comprehensive and user-friendly interface that enables you to view real-time participant data.  

With a single dashboard, you gain a centralised view of your participant metrics across all projects. Navigate through key metrics including total participants, projects and accounts, overall pass and completion rates, and a participant status overview for the last 12 months. 

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Switch between 3 different views:

Participant Status Overview: Gives a summary of the total number of participants and their status.

Total Project Completion: Displays the number of participants who have completed the assessment, with the ability to filter the results by month or year.

Time to Project Completion: Tracks the time elapsed from when participants are added to the assessment until they complete it.


Can I drill down my aggregate analytics view to get more specific data?

Yes, you can filter to specific accounts or projects that you have access to, and you can filter using tags. You can also arrange your data by months or years.

Can I create my own data extract?

Yes, there are customisable data extract options for you to select what information you can export and analyse.

Can I sort by participant scores?

Yes, you have a variety of sort and filter options for the results dashboard.

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