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Revolutionising early career recruitment: Insights from industry experts

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calendarAugust 29, 2023
calendarSova Assessment
Revolutionising early career recruitment: Insights from industry experts

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar, Revolutionising Early Career Recruitment: Enhancing Candidate Experience for Success in partnership with the Institute of Student Employers (ISE). This engaging discussion featured esteemed industry experts who shared their invaluable insights. Join us, as we share our key takeaways to help you transform your early career recruitment process and leave a lasting impact on your organisation. 

Unveiling Strategies for a Seamless Candidate Journey  

This webinar featured a thought-provoking discussion led by three outstanding panellists: Cath Hope, Emerging Talent Lead at Atos; Hannah Middleditch, Strategic Resourcing Manager at Nationwide Building Society; and Rebecca Farr (née Worrall), Graduate Recruitment Manager at Herbert Smith Freehills. Their expertise in early career recruitment, combined with their passion for creating an engaging candidate journey, delivered a wealth of knowledge. 

Elevating Candidate Experience: A Personal Touch  

Cath set the tone by emphasising the paramount importance of enhancing candidate experience in early career recruitment and giving it a personal touch.  

"We all want to be treated like individuals. We don't want to seem like we're just one of many, let's try and make it more personal."   

By adopting blended assessment approaches and personalising the recruitment process, organisations can leave a lasting positive impression on candidates while effectively evaluating their skills and competencies. 

Leveraging Technology for a Modern Edge  

In the age of remote work and digital transformation, technology plays a pivotal role in early career recruitment. Hannah shared her invaluable insights on the strategic use of technology like video interviewing.  

"The flexibility and convenience of video interviews are game changers… especially with students." 

Incorporating technology in the recruitment process not only increases efficiency but also provides candidates with a seamless and convenient experience. 

Harnessing the Power of Data-Driven Practices 

Data is the driving force behind informed decision-making in early career recruitment. Rebecca highlighted how data-driven practices can transform the recruitment landscape.  

"We use a contextual data tool, which provides context for an individual's achievements or lack of achievements… This helps us identify key skills and attributes in our future talent."  

By leveraging data and analytics, organisations ensure fairness, diversity, and a deeper understanding of their talent pool, ultimately shaping inclusive and diverse talent pipelines. 

Nurturing Talent for Long-Term Success  

All panellists unanimously agreed on the significance of nurturing early career talent for long-term success. Organisations that foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging create a solid foundation for their young professionals to thrive. As Cath, Hannah, and Rebecca expressed, it's a long-term investment that reaps benefits for both individuals and organisations alike. 

Key Takeaways: A Path to Success 

From our engaging discussion, it became evident that focusing on candidate experience, embracing technology, and adopting data-driven practices are vital for successful early career recruitment. These insights can revolutionise your recruitment process and empower you to identify and nurture top talent effectively. 

At Sova, we remain committed to empowering organisations with cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions. By embracing the key takeaways from our esteemed panellists, you can create an inclusive and engaging candidate journey, ensuring a brighter and more successful future for all.  

Join the Movement 

Are you ready to embark on the journey of revolutionising early career recruitment? Join us in embracing innovative strategies that elevate candidate experience, leverage technology, and harness the power of data. As you nurture your early career talent, you'll witness the positive impact on your organisation's growth and success. 

We invite all HR directors and talent acquisition leads to stay connected with us for future webinars and exciting updates on our transformative solutions. Together, we can change early career recruitment for good.