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Unlocking the future of hiring: Creating the platform for data-centric, immersive assessment

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calendarSeptember 07, 2023
calendarAlan Bourne
Unlocking the future of hiring: Creating the platform for data-centric, immersive assessment

In the ever-evolving talent landscape, one-size-fits-all solutions are fading into obsolescence as the latest frontiers in the hiring assessment industry lead us toward a new era of data-driven, immersive, and personalised assessment experiences. Welcome to the world where organizations shed their legacy tools and embrace a holistic platform approach, underpinned by data-centricity and cutting-edge technologies to revolutionise the way they hire. 

Platform Wins Over Point Solutions 

In an era where specialisation often embeds fragmentation, organizations are making a pivotal shift towards adopting integrated platform approaches and the days of deploying isolated point solutions for various stages of assessment are waning. In their place, an integrated approach is emerging, facilitating seamless candidate assessments from initial screening to final selection. 

The platform approach provides the essential foundation for a unified candidate experience, streamlining the assessment journey process for both applicants and recruiters. Organizations can gather a richer spectrum of data points across assessments, interviews, and other interactions, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of candidates' suitability. Moreover, these platforms foster collaboration among hiring teams, ensuring a well-informed and synchronised decision-making process.   

Moving to a Data-centric Model 

The shift to a platform-based approach to assessment provides the foundation not only for delivering greater business impact now, but also breaking your data out of the current silos within which it is imprisoned.  Once end-to-end assessment data becomes readily accessible, you can begin to truly focus on delivering the business outcomes that matter without unhealthy compromises.   By personalizing assessment journeys to each role family, you can optimize for quality of hire alongside diversity and inclusion.  Continuous refinement is vital to ensure a fair and unbiased selection process that delivers the talent the organization needs.  The benefits of a seamless journey for candidate experience are also significant, routinely receiving feedback that 90% or more of your candidates see the experience as both engaging and relevant to them.  

The benefit of much more engaging and effective hiring doesn’t stop there, however.  This tailored approach reduces the time recruiters spend on unsuitable candidates, yielding faster time-to-hire metrics. These improvements also enable transformational cost savings and operational efficiency follows. Through a much better handle on data, it becomes possible to make hiring much leaner and drive out waste, reducing costs and slashing time to hire.  

Leading organizations are increasingly looking beyond this to further connect their assessment data with their learning and performance datasets, leveraging business intelligence tools across functions.  A strategic focus on becoming datacentric will be increasingly key for organizations to deliver not only better hiring in the short term, but also enhance retention, learning and performance across the longer term.  Advancing to a truly data-driven model, rather than traditional silos, opens up the opportunity to shape assessment experiences around each role, identifying the best internal talent for each role and connect individuals to the best opportunities, all in real time. 

Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Immersive Assessments  

As the sun sets on conventional assessment methods, the datacentric platform approach offers a breakthrough opportunity to reshape how assessment is done.  The growing maturity of Generative AI, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and avatar technology underpin the assessment industry's potential to change. 

The primary opportunity will be to deliver increasingly immersive simulation experiences which to date have largely eluded the world of assessment to date.  Generative AI can be increasingly employed to swiftly curate diverse, challenging, and yet realistic scenarios to evaluate candidates' problem-solving skills and adaptability. If VR and AR tools, such as Apple’s new Vision Pro, become ubiquitous, we will be able to transport candidates into immersive simulations of their potential work environments and interactions with other stakeholders.  Improvements in avatar technology, linked to generative AI, are creating virtual interview experiences where individuals can interact with AI-driven avatars to represent future colleagues or customers.  Building on the necessary data-driven foundations, these immersive technologies offer holistic assessment that transcends traditional interviews, leading to more informed hiring decisions and transforming candidate experience. 

The Road Ahead 

In conclusion, the hiring assessment industry is undergoing a seismic shift, propelled by the convergence of integrated platforms, data-driven personalisation, and cutting-edge immersive technologies. Organizations are stepping away from generic solutions, entering an era of tailored assessments matched to each role's unique demands. As we venture further into this territory, we're bound to witness even greater innovation as organizations begin to transform assessment into a truly data-driven and immersive experience.