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Sova achieves Cyber Essentials Plus certification, demonstrating commitment to robust cybersecurity

calendarJuly 06, 2023
calendarSova Assessment

Sova is proud to announce that it has successfully obtained the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, underscoring its unwavering dedication to maintaining robust cybersecurity practices. This certification further reinforces Sova's commitment to protecting the data and systems of its clients from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Cyber Essentials Plus is a prestigious cybersecurity certification that goes beyond the foundational Cyber Essentials certification. It involves a rigorous assessment conducted by an independent third-party assessor to validate the implementation of advanced cybersecurity controls and measures.

By achieving the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, Sova demonstrates its proactive approach to mitigating risks and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of its systems. This certification is a testament to Sova's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity and safeguarding the sensitive information of its clients.

The assessment process for Cyber Essentials Plus thoroughly evaluated Sova's cybersecurity infrastructure, including network configuration, boundary firewalls, secure configurations, access controls, malware protection, and patch management. This comprehensive evaluation provides assurance to clients that Sova has implemented robust security measures and follows best practices in cybersecurity.

"Sova places cybersecurity as a top priority, and attaining the Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a significant achievement for us," said Jarret Hardie, CTO at Sova. "This certification showcases our dedication to protecting our clients' data, maintaining their trust, and staying ahead of potential cyber threats."

By obtaining the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, Sova joins an elite group of organisations that have demonstrated their commitment to implementing stringent cybersecurity measures. This certification affirms Sova's ongoing efforts to continuously improve its security practices and uphold the highest standards of data protection.

Sova remains committed to investing in cutting-edge technologies, robust iinfrastructure, and continuous training for its employees to ensure the highest level of cybersecurity across its platforms and services. The Cyber Essentials Plus certification reinforces Sova's position as a trusted partner for organisations seeking secure and reliable talent assessment solutions.
For more information on Sova's cybersecurity practices and its comprehensive range of talent assessment solutions, please visit our website or contact us directly.