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Sova: Autumn 2023 Platform Update

calendarNovember 17, 2023
calendarSova Assessment

We're excited to bring our latest seasonal update to the platform. Some of the highlights include: 


🔍 Project Builder Update

Experience a sleeker, faster, and more intuitive builder that puts you in control of your recruitment journey. Add, view and edit hotspots directly, including exercises, virtual break rooms, videos and assessments. Plus, you can now build your journeys in multiple languages, making this the biggest Project Builder update yet. 


Sova: Autumn 2023 Platform Update


🔗 MS Teams Integration 

Unlock new efficiency in your hiring process with our Microsoft Teams Integration into the Sova platform. Connect your Microsoft account and your virtual assessment centre sessions will open directly in Teams, improving the experience for assessors.


Sova: Autumn 2023 Platform Update


📝 New Skills Assessments 

Assess a broader range of skills and gather job-relevant insight into candidates with new skills-based assessments within the Sova platform. Access a comprehensive library of assessments powered by eSkill. 


Sova: Autumn 2023 Platform Update


🛡️ Copy/Paste Blocker

Protect the validity of hiring decisions and mitigate Gen AI impact with our new copy/paste blocker - an important step we are taking to safeguard the integrity of assessments.


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