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Spring 2024 Release: Scoring & Automation

calendarJune 12, 2024
calendarNicola Fine

Scoring & Automation: Our Latest Update to Project Builder

We’re excited to announce our Spring 2024 release. This time around we are introducing Scoring and Automation to our assessment Project Builder. Here’s what to expect:



Spring 2024 Release: Scoring & Automation

Scoring empowers your team with the tools to tailor your assessment process in real-time. It allows you to set up your own rules to calculate candidate scores for each phase of your process. These rules can relate to activities, skills, or a combination of both.


Score Calculations:

By default, an Overall Phase Score is created for each phase of your process. It will be an average of all the activities in the phase and will be shown on the Results Dashboard. For each phase, the weighting of each activity can be edited. For each activity, the weighting of each skill can be edited.

Spring 2024 Release: Scoring & Automation

The weighting can be based on one of two calculation methods:

  1. Independent weighting to each activity or skill for a weighted average
  2. Relative weighting to each activity; all activities must collectively total 100%


For those who prefer not to tailor their scoring, our standard scoring rules will be readily available.  



Spring 2024 Release: Scoring & Automation


Automation in Sova allows for real-time updates to participant statuses and progression to the next stage of your hiring process based on these results.


Automation enables your team to efficiently, consistently and fairly manage your candidates, without the need for manual processing. 


If Sova is integrated with your applicant tracking system (ATS), using Sova's automation will further boost the speed of your assessment workflow and save time for you and your team.

Automation Types:

The Sova platform offers two types of automation. The first type is based on Overall Phase Scores, and the second type is based on Individual Activity Scores.


For both types of automation, your team can establish a ‘pass’ score, and optionally a ‘refer’ score. If a candidate's score on an activity or phase equals or exceeds the ‘pass’ score, they will receive a ‘pass’ status. If the score falls between the ‘refer’ and ‘pass’ scores, they will receive a ‘refer’ status and can then be manually reviewed by your team. If the score is lower than the ‘pass’ score or the set ‘refer’ score, the candidate will receive a ‘fail’ score.


If you choose, you can opt to automatically move candidates with a passing score to the next phase of your process, creating a fully automated process.


If you want to learn more about the Sova platform and how our Scoring and Automation works, book a free demo. If you're already a customer using our Project Builder and want to enable Scoring and Automation, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Admin Portal Enhancements

Each update we make some improvements to the admin user experience. This time you'll notice:

  • Centralised Participant Agreements - now you can manage and translate Participant Agreements across all your projects at one time.
  • Fewer modals, more pages - we've removed the pop-ups in the platform for a cleaner user experience.