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TUI and Sova: A Transformative Partnership in Candidate Assessment

calendarOctober 12, 2023
calendarSova Assessment

This Award recognises the most innovative and effective candidate assessment solution that meets the needs of the organisation’s talent strategy and leads to improved hiring results.

TUI experienced a significant transformation in its recruitment process, swiftly adopting a digital approach due to the pandemic's impact. This change introduced a tailored, multi-dimensional candidate journey.

In this new approach, custom Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) were used to assess competencies, alongside the integration of Recorded Video Assessment and seamless language testing. Automation played a central role, encompassing scoring, feedback, and reminders, while candidates had the flexibility to schedule their interviews. The recruitment process also featured a Virtual Interview/Assessment Center (VI/AC) platform and integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

This digital platform streamlined recruitment and offered comprehensive candidate support. Rigorous monitoring ensured fairness, effectiveness, and a positive candidate experience, facilitating continuous improvement.

For instance, predictive analysis demonstrated that online assessment scores accurately predicted Cabin Crew candidates' performance at the Assessment Center, without any adverse effects.

These enhancements resulted in elevated candidate service levels, with an impressive 85% providing a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9 or 10. Notably:

  • 95% of candidates developed a favorable impression of TUI.
  • An impressive 86% completed the online assessment.
  • An industry-leading 88% completed the VI/AC.

The expedited process benefited both candidates and hiring managers, affording TUI a competitive edge.

Subsequently, TUI's recruitment continued to prosper. The 2022-23 campaigns for roles such as Childcare, Cabin Crew, and Ski Reps achieved:

  • A remarkable 94% average completion rate.
  • A striking 93% agreement on the engaging nature of the assessment.
  • An 89% willingness among candidates to recommend TUI.
  • An impressive average NPS score of 9.2.

This efficient process swiftly aligned individuals with roles, effectively conveyed the TUI brand, and reduced the process duration from eight weeks to just one.

Ensuring cultural fit, welcome videos and role-specific content were incorporated. A blended assessment approach combined SJTs, Personality Questionnaires, and Assessment Centers, closely aligned with key competencies and organizational values.

The TUI<>Sova partnership played a pivotal role in revolutionizing talent selection, facilitating scalability, reducing time-to-hire, and greatly enhancing the candidate experience.

Judges comments:

Judges praised TUI for their rapid transition from manual to automated processes, highlighting effective programs, including the use of Situational Judgment Tests (SJT) for high-volume hiring, all with clear success indicators.


  • Allen & Overy - supported by Amberjack
  • Ann Summers
  • TUI - supported by Sova Assessment