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TUI, Supported by Sova, Wins the Pontoon Best Use of Technology Award

calendarOctober 12, 2023
calendarSova Assessment

This award recognises the most effective and impactful use of technology within talent acquisition either through implementing a unique, new tech solution or using existing tech in an innovative way.

TUI's shift to a digital recruitment process, driven by the pandemic, marked a significant milestone. It introduced a comprehensive candidate journey tailored to role-specific needs, encompassing Situational Judgement Tests, Recorded Video Assessment, Language Testing, Automated Scoring, Assessment Feedback, Reminders for SJTs, Interview Self-Scheduling, and seamless ATS integration.

This digital platform empowered TUI to provide candidates with comprehensive support and information. Rigorous monitoring ensured effectiveness, fairness, and a positive candidate experience, driving continuous recruitment strategy improvement.

For example, predictive analysis validated online assessment scores as accurate predictors of performance at the Assessment Center, with no adverse effects.

Deployment challenges included limited time for Assessors, Recruiters, and Administrators to adapt to the platform and candidates' adjustment to online assessments. Solutions like Tech Checks, technical support, exercise adjustments, IT fixes, and ongoing communication with Sova addressed these issues.

Candidates reported highly positive experiences, with 85% giving an NPS rating of 9 or 10. Key statistics included:

  • 95% acknowledged a positive impact on their perception of TUI.
  • An 86% completion rate for online assessments.
  • An 88% completion rate for Virtual Interviews (VI) and Assessment Centers (AC), surpassing industry standards.

This streamlined process gave TUI a competitive edge by reducing candidate journey time.

Subsequent recruitment campaigns in 2022-23 for roles like Childcare, Cabin Crew, and Ski Reps delivered even better results:

  • A remarkable 94% average completion rate.
  • 93% found the assessments engaging and impactful.
  • 89% were willing to recommend TUI as an employer.
  • An impressive NPS score of 9.2.

These results highlight an engaging and efficient hiring process that identifies the right candidates and enhances TUI's employer brand.

Projects include welcome videos and job-specific content reflecting TUI's mission, vision, and values. Over 85% gained valuable role insights through assessments. Most projects blend Situational Judgement Tests, Personality Questionnaires, and Assessment Centers, embedding TUI's culture and values.

The collaboration with Sova revolutionized talent selection, enabling TUI to expand recruitment efforts efficiently. Reduced time-to-hire and improved candidate experiences underscore the partnership's success.

Judges comments: 

Judges praised TUI for effectively implementing technology to streamline processes and align with market demands, showcasing transformative impact on experience and efficiency. 


  • Radisson Hotel Group
  • SCC - supported by Eploy
  • TUI - supported by Sova Assessment
  • Yodel - supported by SMRS