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Project Builder

Our new Project Builder allows you to take control of your hiring process. With this feature, users can create new participant journeys quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to get roles to market faster. 

Sova's Project Builder empowers you to build and preview simple participant homepages with ease, incorporating your branding. Take charge of the candidate experience, delivering a seamless journey that leaves a lasting positive impression.



Get roles to market faster

Build participant journeys and assessments quickly and easily and find the right talent fast.

Increased efficiency

Streamline the hiring process and respond to changing demands in real-time.

Personalise the candidate experience

Build your own participant journeys with homepages customised to your branding.


Can I build a project with assessments but without an interactive homepage?

Yes, you can simply select the activities you'd like to include in the project. Once the activities have been added to the project you can decide the number of phases you wish to have and what activities are to sit in each phase.

What hotspots are available to choose from?

You can build your candidate homepage from information hotspots, video hotspots and assessment hotspots. You can select up to 12.

Can I review the participant experience before I make my project live?

Yes, you can preview your participant journey as many times as needed as you build. You can also share the preview to allow others to review.

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