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Psychology, technology, business, and the future come together at SIOP 2023 With Fred Oswald

Candidate Experience
calendarMay 10, 2023

In the latest episode of our podcast, I have a refreshing and relaxing conversation with Fred Oswald, an esteemed industrial-organizational psychologist and professor at Rice University. Fred is extremely active in the area of AI ethics and governance, especially with regards to hiring. Fred has served on many committees addressing these issues such as the National AI Advisory Committee and is a regular contributor at the SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) conference.


We called our conversation, “SIOP decompression” as the conference was 100% information overload. Fred and I sift through the mountain of information we consumed to focus on some of the topics we found to be most important to businesses and society at large.


It is no surprise that the topics we choose to focus on all fall under AI and Hiring. We distill topics such as legislation and ethics for AI and hiring, the impact of Chat GPT and large language models on the world of work, and cool stuff like Fred’s work with performance management programs for the US Space Force.


We look at these issues from many points of view including those of the law, computer science, psychology, and business. Our message is that the future is starting to look pretty crazy, and it is going to take a blend of many perspectives and disciplines to ensure we are navigating it ethically while still building a free market economy.


At the core of all this are humans. Fred emphasized the need for human involvement, stating,


“Like any algorithm, you have to have humans there to manage every aspect of its use and interpretation.”


Listen to the full episode now and join us as we explore the great stuff from SIOP 2023 as it related to the intersection of AI, psychology, and the future of work.