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Avoid the "Bad Data Landfill" Using Responsible AI in Hiring Assessments With Mike Campion

calendarJune 07, 2023

My guest for this episode, Mike Campion, is one of the most respected and prolific IO psychologists around. With hundreds of publications and over a thousand consulting projects under his belt, when it comes to predictive hiring tools, Mike has seen and done it all. It is a real honor to have him on the show to discuss the responsible use of AI and machine learning in hiring systems.


This is an important topic – According to Mike,


“I see it (AI) as probably the biggest trend in the profession of personnel selection. Probably the biggest influence since the Equal Rights Act in terms of its overwhelming impact that it will have on the field. So I changed all my research pretty much to focus on artificial intelligence these days.”


While AI in hiring is certainly controversial, as our conversation reveals, if done right there is a bright future for it. BUT- ensuring this future is one that we can be proud of requires a great deal of foresight and responsibility.


For more information about responsible, effective AI based hiring tools- listen to the episode now.