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With Sova's personalised talent assessment approach, you can create a tailored candidate experience that seamlessly integrates all aspects of the hiring process in one place. Whether you're recruiting for entry-level roles or executive positions, Sova's solution is the perfect fit for every career stage and level. 

  • Virtual Assessment Centres
  • Video Interviews
  • Interview Builder
  • Results Dashboard
  • Reporting

Virtual Assessment Centres

Elevate your hiring with Virtual Assessment Centres

Experience the future of assessment with our immersive and engaging virtual solution. Candidates can participate in interactive exercises, simulations, and role plays, all from the comfort of a setting of their choice. Save time and costs while gaining valuable insights into candidates' skills and potential. Streamline your assessment process and unlock the power of virtual assessments today.

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Fully customisable

The Virtual Assessment Centres by Sova are fully customisable, both in function, and in look and feel. Choose from an array of exercises & assessments, as well as functions such as welcome notes and pre-work - all packaged in a fully branded solution and a tailored experience, true to your identity. 

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Intuitive and easy to use

Our state of the art platform is designed to enhance candidate experience and minimise frustrations. No additional software is required to run the assessments, and the VAC interface is fully adjustable by the candidate (e.g. moving/resizing screens) to meet their needs.  

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Effortless set up & management

Setting up virtual assessment centres has never been easier with Sova's intuitive platform. Our user-friendly interface enables you to effortlessly create and manage virtual assessment centres, saving you time and effort. Track the progress of candidates, access easy-to-understand reports, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. With Sova, you can streamline your assessment process, cut down on administrative tasks, and focus on identifying the best talent for your organisation.

Video Interviews

Elevate interview experience with one-way and two-way video interviews

Simplify your assessment process with one-way and two-way video interviews by Sova. Experience the convenience of asynchronous interviews, empowering candidates to showcase their skills and allowing assessors to evaluate at their own pace. Our solutions are tech agnostic and do not require any additional software to be downloaded

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Scoring and assessing made easy with Sova

Sova simplifies the scoring and assessing process, empowering you to evaluate candidates objectively and efficiently. Customise scoring criteria, leverage AI technology for automated scoring and analysis, access comprehensive candidate profiles, compare candidates, and generate real-time reports and insights. With Sova, you can streamline evaluation, make fair decisions, and gain valuable insights into candidate suitability. 

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Seamless embedded live video interviews

Sova takes video interviews to the next level with our embedded live video feature. Conduct real-time, face-to-face interviews with candidates directly within the platform, eliminating the need for external video conferencing tools. Our integrated video technology ensures a smooth and high-quality interview experience, enabling clear communication and effective assessment of candidates' skills and suitability.

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Interview scheduling 

Sova simplifies the interview scheduling process by offering flexible options for candidates. Our platform can be configured to allow candidates to self-schedule their interviews, choosing from a list of available dates and times that suit their convenience. This eliminates the back-and-forth communication between candidates and hiring managers, streamlining the scheduling process and reducing administrative overhead.

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Interview set up & execution 

Sova's comprehensive platform simplifies interview setup by allowing you to create a structured and consistent interview process enabling interview questions design that align with your hiring criteria.  Our solution also enhances the overall interview experience. With our interview content, notes, and data capture capabilities, you can effectively evaluate candidates and gather valuable insights. 

Interview Builder

Introducing Interview Builder

Unlock the potential of efficient and consistent interviewing with Sova’s Interview Builder. Empower hiring teams to build effective interviews to make faster, fairer hiring decisions driven by data.

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Say goodbye to tedious manual interview preparation 

Interview Builder streamlines the process, saving you time and effort. No more juggling multiple interview templates or spending hours creating custom questions.

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Ensure a standardised interview experience, effortlessly 

With Interview Builder, you have a centralised tool to create and manage interview guides across roles, departments, and locations. This not only saves you from the hassle of coordinating disparate interview processes but ensures fairness for all candidates.

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Boost confidence in your decision-making 

With the power of data-driven insights, Interview Builder empowers you to make informed and confident hiring decisions. By leveraging structured and standardised interview questions, you can assess candidates based on objective criteria, minimising bias and increasing the accuracy of your evaluations.

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Drive impactful hiring decisions that make a difference 

With Interview Builder, you gain a powerful tool that empowers you to design, execute, and evaluate interviews that align with your organisation's objectives. Interview Builder means you can positively influence hiring outcomes. Experience the difference Interview Builder can make in enhancing your talent assessment capabilities and driving impactful hiring decisions. 

Results Dashboard

Unlock the power of data-driven talent assessment

Our innovative platform empowers organisations to make smarter hiring decisions, optimise recruitment processes, and drive success through the power of advanced assessment technology. With our comprehensive suite of tools and insightful analytics, you can unlock the full potential of your talent pipeline and create a competitive advantage in today's evolving job market. 

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Practical to use 

With Sova's Results Dashboard, you have the ability to download reports, allowing you to share assessment results with key stakeholders, collaborate with hiring teams, and streamline decision-making processes. Enhance your assessment analysis by adding notes and annotations directly within the dashboard. Capture important observations, highlight key insights, and collaborate with your team to make data-driven decisions.

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Track candidate performance

 Sova's Results Dashboard offers a comprehensive and user-friendly interface that enables you to effortlessly access and analyse the performance results of your candidates. With a collated, single dashboard, you gain a centralised view of all assessment data, providing valuable insights at your fingertips. Gain a holistic view of candidate performance across all tests and assessments. Easily navigate through the dashboard to review individual scores, compare performance across competencies, and identify standout candidates.

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Project dashboards  

Gain a comprehensive overview of your assessment project with our project dashboard. Track completion rates, scores of individual candidates at every stage, and capture decision points throughout the assessment journey. Real-time data insights enable you to optimise your assessment processes and make informed hiring decisions.


Comprehensive assessment reports

Our assessment reports provide valuable insights and actionable information, empowering both candidates and employers. Candidates receive personalised feedback highlighting strengths, areas for development, and practical tips for growth. 

Employers gain in-depth insights on candidates' performance, enabling data-driven hiring decisions and talent alignment. Our comprehensive assessment reports drive informed decision-making, meaningful conversations, and unlock the full potential of candidates and organisations.

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Comprehensive report options  

Discover our wide range of report options designed to cater to your assessment requirements. From trait and narrative reports that provide a holistic profile of candidates' personality traits, to competency-based reports that assess candidates against specific job-related competencies, we offer a variety of reports to meet diverse assessment needs.  Explore our selection of cognitive and gamified test reports, team styles reports, leadership reports, and more to gain comprehensive insights and make data-driven decisions throughout the assessment process.

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Individual candidate feedback reports 

Candidates gain valuable insights into their performance with personalised reports, highlighting strengths, development areas, and practical tips to support their growth. We can design optional candidate summary reports.  A typical candidate report shows two top strengths and one development need with development tips to support. The report language is gentle and positive to promote a positive image of the organisation and their recruitment experience.  All reports are customised with, and reflect client branding.

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Assessor reports 

Dive into detailed reports that offer comprehensive insights on candidate performance, helping assessors make informed decisions and identify the best-fit candidates for each role.  These reports provide a deeper understanding of candidate traits, competencies, cognitive abilities, and other relevant factors, enabling assessors to evaluate candidate suitability with precision and objectivity.


Does a customised assessment always include the same question types?

No – the content is completely bespoke based on the organisational and role requirements. Sova works closely with our clients to understand what success looks like and designs assessments that reflect this.  

How do you ensure validity?

We have a database of questions that have demonstrated relaibilty and validity across a range of settings. We also pilot any customised assessments to ensure predictability within the role/organisation.

Can we add our own imagery and videos to a customised assessment?

Absolutely – we can add a different image or video per question and also alongside any informative text. 

How do I know which assessment to use?

Sova will help you to understand what is needed for success in your organisation and role. Once you know this, we will be in a better position to select the best assessments for you. We can take account of how long you want the assessment to be, how you wish to use it and what you need to measure to ensure you have a fit for purpose assessment. It might be that you opt to use our blended assessment approach, which enables you to pick and choose from our assessment database.  

How long do the Sova assessments take to complete?

The short answer is, they vary. We have off the shelf assessments that take 5 minutes and others that take around 25. Further, we can customise an assessment to suit your needs so if you are looking for a short, focused assessment we can provide that but if an in-depth assessment is what you are looking for, we can ensure you have that richness of information too. As an example, the full personality questionnaire takes around 20-25 minutes to complete but if you opt to use the full questionnaire, you have access to 18 different reports. 

What is the reliability of your assessments?

When designing an assessment, we work towards the standards used by the European Federation of Psychologists Association Review Model for the Description and Evaluation of Psychological Tests (The EFPA Review Model). The British Psychological Society use this model. As we have a wide range of assessments, it is difficult to answer in one response but for example, the average internal consistency reliability for the Personality Questionnaire’s standard 18 traits is 0.80, which is well above the EFPA criteria. The Motivation Questionnaire average is 0.84.  As a further example, the test: re-test reliability of our cognitive tests is on average 0.77.

What is the validity of your assessments?

When designing an assessment, we work towards the standards used by the European Federation of Psychologists Association Review Model for the Description and Evaluation of Psychological Tests (The EFPA Review Model). The British Psychological Society use this model. As we have a wide range of assessments, it is difficult to answer in one response plus, there are many different types of validity.  

Our off the shelf assessments have been validated across multiple roles and sectors and we typically advise our clients to pilot and validate assessments where possible. Typical criterion validity studies that we have reported see varied significant correlations that can be classed as ‘moderate’ all the way though to ‘very strong’. Suffice to say, we have a strong and growing evidence base.

What are the benefits of using an off the shelf assessment?

If you are keen to keep costs down and to be ready to go more quickly, our off the shelf assessments can help. Making them available to you on our platform is simple to do and we have plenty of supporting collateral to help you use our assessments. There is no upfront time needed to design the custom assessment for you.  

What training do I need to use your off the shelf assessments?

We ask for there to be someone trained in the use of ability and personality assessment in your organisation but many of our reports have been developed so that hiring managers, for example, can use and interpret them with no risk. We do have some reports that we advocate only being shared with trained users (e.g., the Derailment Report). 

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