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Improve candidate experience

Elevate your candidate experience with Sova's intuitive platform, where innovative technology meets thoughtful assessment design.


Champion diversity and inclusion

Sova is more than just a recruitment tool – it's a catalyst for change. Our impartial AI helps you build a workforce that truly reflects the world around us.


Reduce cost to hire

Our talent assessment platform helps you reduce costs by consolidating multiple assessment tools into one streamlined solution. By eliminating the need for separate assessments across various platforms, you can significantly reduce expenses while still gaining valuable insights into candidate suitability


Improve quality of hire

Make data-driven decisions and select the best-fit candidates. By leveraging predictive analytics and objective assessments, you can improve the accuracy of your hiring decisions, leading to higher-quality hires who drive long-term success for your organisation.


Accelerate time to hire

Our efficient tools and automated screening capabilities enable you to quickly identify qualified candidates, reducing the time spent on manual evaluations. By streamlining workflows and eliminating bottlenecks, you can expedite your hiring timeline and secure top talent before your competitors.

Case study

Our award winning work with TUI

Learn how one of the world's leading tourism brands use Sova to get the right people into role quickly and efficiently, while delivering the TUI experience.

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Completion rate

Digital Transformation
High volume hiring
Cost & time reduction

Sova Value Realization

Throughout the project, the Sova project team have been professional, efficient and responsive. They applied their collective psychometric and digital expertise to understand what we needed and shape the right solution to meet our objectives. Personable and fun to work with, we are excited to have Sova as our assessment partner of the future.

Laura Page

Resourcing Development Manager


By working with Sova Assessment, we’ve been able to seamlessly integrate our candidate attraction, applicant tracking, and assessment and selection processes, in order to identify and select the most suitable candidates for our roles and our company.

Joanna Dawson

Talent & Leadership Specialist UK & International


It’s critical that we make the right hiring decisions, particularly as the Global Strategy Team is such an important part of our talent pipeline. In selecting Sova Assessment, we’ve found a partner who understood our business needs and built a solution which feels very much part of LexisNexis.

Jennifer Lemaigre

VP Global Talent Acquisition & Onboarding


Initially we viewed the introduction of virtual assessment centres as a solution to continue with vital recruitment during the nationwide lockdown. After running several centres, we realised the benefits of these centres were far greater. Administrative costs have been dramatically reduced and travel costs for assessors and candidates completely removed.

Anna Byrne

Graduate Recruitment & Selection Lead