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Find future talent with our graduate recruitment software

A personalised and seamless hiring journey for every candidate with Sova’s talent acquisition software. Provide a seamless experience for students, graduates, your internal team and other skilled candidates.

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Attract, engage & assess

Build on your recruitment marketing by offering an immersive, relevant and developmental candidate experience.

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Personalised graduate recruitment solutions

Use Sova’s graduate recruitment platform to create assessment experiences specific to graduate roles in your organisation.

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Integrate with your enterprise HR tech

Our student recruitment platform can be seamlessly integrated you’re your applicant tracking system.

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Tried, tested and ethically applied AI

Talent acquisition tools that use artificial intelligence to improve fairness and efficiency in graduate recruitment.

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Growing your future leaders

Select early career talent for potential, not track record by using Sova’s student recruitment software to design and build an assessment journey unique to your organisation. Our whole-person assessment methodology gathers a rounded view of job seekers that focuses on their strengths and fit to your role and your business. Use our graduate recruitment platform to assess key leadership attributes and form your future leadership bench. And achieve all this without bias. Confidently make fair, equitable decisions that support diversity in your graduate and early careers hiring programme.

Craft your candidate experience

Share the best of your organisation with realistic day-in-the-life-of interactive assessment formats and videos from colleagues. Bring the entire experience together in one talent acquisition platform, offering a simple, developmental and engaging career experience for candidates. Sova’s fully virtual assessment process brings candidates on a journey from finding out about your brand, screening assessments and video interview through to a bespoke virtual assessment centre, without the logistics and expense of on-campus graduate recruitment solutions. Real-world relevant assessments and immersive experiences offer authentic insight into life in your organisation.

A seamless journey for everyone

A fully virtual end-to-end assessment journey provides a seamless experience for candidates and your internal team. Use the platform to select personalised content, blended assessments, interview scheduling, video interviews, feedback sessions and assessment centres. Free your TA team from the burden of administration through live onscreen observations and collated feedback that enables collaboration with hiring managers. Fully integrated reporting dashboards and analytics provide oversight and control of all data – in one place. The Sova platform uses ethically applied, tried and tested, AI to continuously optimise assessments for fairness, predication and accuracy.

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Building your organisation’s future

Emerging talent is the foundation of your future organisation, and Sova’s graduate programme recruitment solutions support ongoing training and development. Our talent acquisition analytics software provides insight into strengths and areas for development that feeds through into internal development and leadership programmes. Candidate feedback reports ensure all candidates have a developmental experience, whatever the outcome.

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Through our fully configurable assessment platform, we enable organisations to make data-driven decisions that are fair, robust and explainable at every stage of the employee journey. Book a demo learn more about how our approach to assessment can power your people decisions.

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What’s different about Sova’s student recruitment solutions?

Students and graduates expect a fair, engaging and relevant hiring process. Sova provides a range of assessments through our talent acquisition software that can be added to your assessment process as off-the-shelf modules or created specifically for roles in your organisation. By combining a realistic job preview using varied media, with blended whole-person assessments, you can ensure your student recruitment process will be interesting, and developmental, accurate and fair.

Is Sova’s talent acquisition platform suitable for international graduate recruitment?

Yes, absolutely and we work with many well-known large organisations that run international student recruitment programmes. Features such our virtual assessment centres, video interview software and immersive homepages enable international collaborations for candidates and hiring managers.

What are the advantages of remote talent acquisition software for student recruitment?

A virtual approach to student recruitment enables organisations to attract and engage with a bigger and more diverse pool of emerging talent. By removing geographical boundaries and the need to travel, the process becomes more inclusive. Organisations also save on the time and cost of on-campus student recruitment services. Reducing paperwork and travel is also beneficial for an organisation’s carbon footprint.

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