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AI you can count on

At Sova, we believe in using only proven AI that we are fully confident in. Our tools are thoroughly tested and shown to be more predictive, fair, and accurate than the alternatives. We never use experimental or untested AI. For instance, we don't use facial recognition in video interviews. 

When assessing technical or soft skills, we align the process with the requirements of the role and your organisation, ensuring you get the insights you need to make better decisions.

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Fairness above all

We take a principled approach to AI implementation. We only apply AI to parts of our platform where it can operate in line with our core values of fairness and accuracy. For talent, skills, and psychometric assessments, we add AI where it supports efficiency and objective decision-making. With Sova, you can trust that our commitment to fairness remains uncompromised.

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Ethical AI for better decisions

We prioritise our clients and candidates in all our AI applications. We believe in best practices, not just industry standards. Our ethical approach to AI ensures fairness and accuracy in decision-making while reducing inefficiencies in the assessment process. Our automated assessment tools help identify top talent and streamline the hiring process.

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Transparency in assessment

We use proven and ethical AI models and are ISO 27001 certified. We're open with our clients about how we assess candidates and make decisions. Our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to explain our processes to candidates and build trust throughout the recruitment process.

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Continuous improvement 

We use machine learning to constantly monitor and improve the effectiveness and fairness of our assessment solutions at scale. Regular reporting generated by machine learning informs our talent teams about how assessments are performing and how outcomes can be improved, ensuring continuous improvement in our selection process.

Benefits of AI assessment software

At Sova, we believe that AI can support better assessment by augmenting human activity. Here are some of the benefits of using AI in recruitment:

  • Accurate hiring decisions. Predictive algorithms match candidates to success indicators for better fit.
  • Fair, objective assessments. AI eliminates bias, focuses on job-relevant factors.
  • Improved candidate experience. AI streamlines, personalises, simplifies.
  • Efficient hiring process. Time, cost savings, lower attrition.
  • Rich data for analysis. Insights from candidate interactions, learning, development.