Evaluate graduates and apprentices based on their skills and potential | NEW Early Careers Assessment

The Role

Who do you want to assess? From frontline to senior leaders, Sova’s platform can be configured to your unique role. 

Personalised Assessment

Create a personalised assessment process to make effective and fair decisions to match the right candidate.

Craft the Journey

Define the key milestones and decision points to manage the whole process from screening to assessment centre. Personalised to the role and your organisation. 

Data Driven Decision

Real-time data dashboards, optimised for fairness with automated reporting for candidates and hiring managers. 

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Identify better-fit candidates

  • Ensure fair and accurate candidate assessment with our configurable online assessments. Our validated assessments are designed to identify talent while maintaining fairness and accuracy. 
  • We begin by identifying the critical success factors for the job and selecting only the most relevant questions from our scientifically-validated question library. 
  • The result is a seamless end-to-end assessment experience that delivers accurate insights into a candidate's abilities.
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Choose from a variety of assessment types 

Our extensive range of question types including personality, cognitive ability, situational judgement, skills tests, motivation, video interview and virtual assessment. 

  • Can be configured to assess talent at all levels in the organisation. 
  • Suitable for all pre-hire assessments and for internal talent development.
  • Our assessment platform allows you to build a unique solution around your individual needs and roles. 

FAQs about online assessment software

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What are online assessments?

Online assessments are tools to measure for particular skills, characteristics or behaviours that can be used for assessing job candidates, or for internal talent development. Online assessment solutions can be standalone tests such as personality or ability tests, or they can be a blend of tests brought together in an online assessment journey that might include a video interview or digital assessment centre.

How do I create an online assessment?

Whatever your starting point, an assessment management platform is the place to build, design, sequence and deploy your online tests. Using a talent assessment platform, you can choose to pick elements off-the-shelf, import your own content or have new content designed that is relevant to your organisation and roles available. You can configure all your tests within the platform so that candidates and hiring managers find the experience quick and easy.

What candidate assessment tools are available in the Sova assessment platform?

Sova offers a wide range of off-the-shelf, customised and bespoke online assessments. Within our digital assessment platform, users can easily pick and customise online tests as individual assessments. Users can also combine tests into a blended assessment using multiple types of assessments. 

Elements such as a one-to-one video interview, group video interview, or digital assessment centre can be incorporated into the assessment journey. You can see all of our features and solutions on our assessments page.