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Find future leaders that have what it takes

Identify and nurture an internal
leadership talent pipeline

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Taking your business into the future

Uncover high potential future leaders already in your business by getting a unified view of internal talent. Use this data to future proof your business by developing and nurturing future leaders until they’re ready to step up. Use the Sova platform to build a resilient talent pipeline for whatever the future holds. Whatever leadership qualities are needed in your business to thrive against a backdrop of transformation, complexity, and digitalisation, we can help you define them and find them within your organisation.


Data-driven insight

Sova’s fully virtual assessment platform enables you to run full assessment and development programmes without the logistics and expense of in-person events. Our whole person approach to assessment brings objectivity, accuracy and fairness into development programmes, improving the quality and diversity of your talent pipeline. Insights from dashboards and reporting ensure that your programmes meet their goals. Because all assessment data is in one place, analysis of outcomes is transparent and developmental activities are easy to plan.

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A seamless talent
development process

Use Sova’s platform to provide a career-enhancing developmental experience for all candidates, regardless of the assessment outcome. We receive great feedback from candidates and assessors who find our fully virtual assessment programmes meaningful, deep, and at the same time, simple. Configure a personalised journey including group exercises, presentations, interviews and case studies all with a storyline based on your business. Sova’s platform brings all the elements of a developmental assessment programme together in a branded, immersive candidate experience.

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Through our fully configurable assessment platform, we enable organisations to make data-driven decisions that are fair, robust and explainable at every stage of the employee journey. Book a demo learn more about how our approach to assessment can power your people decisions.

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