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One platform that powers your people decisions

Unlike other platforms that offer static or piecemeal assessments, a Sova solution is built around your organisation’s unique needs and roles. Design and build the ultimate candidate experience, all in one place with our complete virtual assessment platform. For every career stage, for every level, we’re the perfect personalised talent assessment platform.

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Identify better-fit

Every candidate deserves a fair shot. Our highly configurable and validated assessments help you identify talent in a fair and accurate way. We start by understanding the success factors for the job, then choose only the right questions from our scientifically validated library, blended together to form a seamless end-to-end assessment experience.

  • Choose from our extensive range of question types including personality, cognitive ability, situational judgement, motivation, interview builder, video interview, virtual assessment and 360 feedback.
  • Can be configured to assess talent at all levels in the organisation.
  • Our assessment platform allows you to build a unique solution around your unique needs.

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Fast, engaging
and seamless

Creating an engaging and personalised candidate experience is key to attracting top talent. Our highly configurable assessments are easy to access and quick to complete – all in one connected journey. Bring to life the role and the culture of your organisation with video.

  • Create personalised communications at every stage of the assessment process.
  • Embed video along the way to enhance communication, provide insight into the role and share of a picture of life at your organisation.
  • The interactive candidate homepage is central hub containing everything the candidate needs to know to help them perform at their best.
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Smart automation

Liberate your team from assessment administration. Scheduling assessments and interviews, automate personalised candidate communications and feedback, briefing tools and resources for assessors - housed securely in one place. Streamline the process by building milestones and decision points along the way to manage applicant flow efficiently and accurately throughout the journey, freeing you up to focus on higher value activities.

  • Assessment automation streamlines the way you identify and select talent in a seamless, connected journey.
  • Build milestones and decision points to manage applicant flow and volume.
  • Scheduling tools to significantly reduce the administrative load of booking interviews and timetabling assessment centres.
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Effortless, automated reporting & analytics

With one assessment platform comes a powerful analytics engine, providing you with real-time insight about your data. User-friendly dashboards compare the performance of candidates for every stage of the hiring process, supporting fast and effective decision- making, with automated feedback for every candidate. Ethically applied AI technology monitors and optimises the assessment process for fairness in real-time as well as supporting the evaluation of video interviews.

  • Real-time assessment results, capturing data across each stage of the assessment process.
  • Track candidate progress and stay up to date on who is ready to move on.
  • Compare candidates and making decisions.
  • AI tools to monitor and optimise for fairness.
  • Range of automated reports for candidates and hiring managers.

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