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White paper: Passing the test - are your assessments fit for today's emerging talent?

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calendarOctober 07, 2017
calendarSova Assessment
White paper: Passing the test - are your assessments fit for today's emerging talent?-report-image

Do the assessments you use to select emerging talent pass the test?

Graduates have provided organisations with an important source of talent
 for many, many years. In that time, there have been significant innovations in recruitment, particularly in the way organisations use technology to simplify the process and screen high volumes of applicants.

But, for the most part, the models used to select graduates, apprentices and interns have remained limited, confining themselves to a narrow band of universities and an equally narrow definition of applicants’ potential for success.

At Sova Assessment, we think it is time to challenge outdated selection practices: to recognise all kinds of talent and not just the chosen few; to value the person over the process; and to use technology as an enabler, not a disabler.

In designing assessment solutions for organisations such as Santander, John Lewis, Zurich, Jaguar Land Rover and Atos, we are guided by four principles:

  1. We design selection methods which work and are fair for all.
  2. We focus on creating a positive experience for candidates, including those who are not successful.
  3. The assessment experience should be smooth, insightful and engaging for the organisation and the applicant.
  4. Our assessments are designed specifically for the digital world, not transposed from legacy methods and tests.

In our latest white paper, ‘Passing the test: are your assessments fit for today’s emerging talent?’, we explore why it’s time to rethink the way organisations select and assess emerging talent, and ask five key questions to help you evaluate whether your selection process is fit for the digital world.

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