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White paper: Predicting the unpredictable – selecting the talent that will future-proof your business

Why predicting the unpredictable?

Whilst radical changes in the world of work are not a new phenomenon, it may be tempting to dismiss the latest upheavals caused by technology and automation in the workplace as simply more of the same. The short answer to this question is ‘no’. Two factors that separate the changing nature of today’s employment world from that of everything that has gone before are: first, the rapidity with which the changes are happening; and, second, the ubiquity of their effect, with virtually no sector remaining untouched by digitisation’s transformative power.

These seismic changes pose an immediate challenge for any company looking to identify the emerging talent it needs. It is no longer enough simply to recruit candidates for existing roles within the business. Instead, the company needs to ask itself more fundamental questions such as:

  • What role will people play in our organisation in the future?
  • What role will technology play in our organisation in the future?
  • What blend of people and technology will our organisation need?

If you are one of those responsible for selecting emerging talent, then building a workforce fit for the future poses new challenges and questions both in terms of the capacities you are looking for and the process you use to attract, engage and select applicants.

In this paper, we explore why organisations should be re-evaluating what they’re looking for from their emerging talent and why traditional models and processes no longer pass the test.

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