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An end to the fragmented assessment tech-stack

The evolution of HR technology and solutions along the journey have left their legacy. The average company now has 13 systems of record, 9.1 core talent applications and two or more assessment providers. With more than 1400 vendors in the market, choice is bigger, and complexity more daunting, than ever.

As HR tech thought leader Josh Bersin calls it in the HR Technology Market 2020 Report, we have a “dizzying array of legacy systems and new-to-market technologies”. Speaking recently about HR tech for 2020, Bersin talked about three seismic shifts in HR tech:

  1. The first was a move in the early 2000s to put forms online using tech meaning more screens and less paper.
  2. The second was a move to the cloud. The cloud promised more innovation, higher productivity and an end to legacy tech, yet it failed to live up to expectations! And had no positive impact on employee experience.
  3. Is where we are as we enter 2020 – aspiring to use technology to improve the overall experience of work.

Seismic shifts in assessment tech

Bersin’s three seismic shifts have been reflected in microcosm in the assessment space. Firstly, we put paper-based models online. Then, we kept the same clunky yet robust assessments but used new and better tools to deliver them.

As we enter 2020, we believe that the true power of assessment lies in configuring the assessment journey as we would a customer journey. Creating a coherent, engaging, and immersive experience for candidates and managers (and in doing so improving the experience of work) is our 2020 agenda.

An end to the fragmented HR tech stack

As we explore in our new white paper, The Power of One, HR is struggling to generate ROI on its investment in technology because many are working with a fragmented tech stack. The precarious and piecemeal patchwork of tech solutions has grown organically from roots in traditional HCMs and ATSs. Over time, new applications have been added, resulting in some gains but not all that HR was hoping for.

The core HR system is no longer the ‘backbone’ of the HR tech stack. Although HR teams have had to become comfortable working with a number of talent applications, the market is still moving. According to the HR Technology Market 2020 report:

“The whole idea of a core HR system is being replaced with the idea of a core HR platform that looks and feels more like an iPhone. You add apps as needed and delete the ones you no longer use.”

How might this translate into the assessment space? The Power of One explores how one unified assessment platform can power your people decisions. Sova’s unified assessment platform provides a configurable, customisable approach at scale with easily accessible data so that analytics can provide real-time business insight.

Bringing an end to the fragmented tech stack will enable HR to make data-driven decisions at every stage of the employee journey and generate demonstrable ROI on its investment in tech.

Changing assessment for good
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