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Benefits of Sova's Online Assessment Platform

Discover the transformative benefits of Sova's talent assessment solutions. Elevate your recruitment strategy and achieve exceptional outcomes with Sova.

  • Reduce cost to hire
  • Cut Time to Hire
  • Improve Fairness of Hire
  • Improve Candidate Experience
  • Increase Quality of Hire



Reduce cost to hire

At Sova, we understand the importance of optimising your recruitment budget. Our talent assessment platform helps you reduce costs by consolidating multiple assessment tools into one streamlined solution. By eliminating the need for separate assessments across various platforms, you can significantly reduce expenses while still gaining valuable insights into candidate suitability. With Sova, you can make cost-effective hiring decisions without compromising on quality.


Cut Time to Hire

Accelerate your hiring process and fill positions faster. Our efficient tools and automated screening capabilities enable you to quickly identify qualified candidates, reducing the time spent on manual evaluations. By streamlining workflows and eliminating bottlenecks, you can expedite your hiring timeline and secure top talent before your competitors.


Improve Fairness of Hire

Promote diversity and ensure a fair evaluation of candidates. Our unbiased assessments remove subjective biases, providing equal opportunities for all candidates. By leveraging objective data and standardised assessments, you can build a more inclusive workforce and foster an environment of equal opportunity and fairness.


Improve Candidate Experience

Deliver a seamless and engaging experience to candidates. Our user-friendly assessments and personalised feedback create a positive impression, enhancing your employer brand and attracting top talent. By prioritising a candidate-centric approach, you can provide a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout the assessment process, leaving candidates with a lasting positive impression of your organisation.


Increase Quality of Hire

Make data-driven decisions and select the best-fit candidates. Our comprehensive assessments provide deep insights into candidates' skills and potential, allowing you to make informed hiring choices. By leveraging predictive analytics and objective assessments, you can improve the accuracy of your hiring decisions, leading to higher-quality hires who drive long-term success for your organisation.


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