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Unlike other platforms offering static assessments, a Sova solution is built around your organisation’s unique needs and roles. With a flexible range of expert assessment content and formats, you can design and build a seamless multi-stage process, all in one place with our complete virtual assessment platform. For every career stage, for every level, we’re the perfect personalised talent assessment platform.

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These are the people who we want to accelerate to strategic positions across the globe. The assessments change the careers of people who enter the group talent pool and we knew that adding tech would help us achieve our goals.

Federica Bocciardi - Generali
Head Group Leadership Development

Throughout the project, the Sova project team have been professional, efficient and responsive. They applied their collective psychometric and digital expertise to understand what we needed and shape the right solution to meet our objectives. Personable and fun to work with, we are excited to have Sova as our assessment partner of the future.

Heather Byass – John Lewis
Resourcing Development Manager
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