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Equitable Assessment: Why Equality is not enough

Equality is not enough when it comes to assessment.

Simple, one-off solutions for tackling diversity and inclusion in the workplace rarely work. It requires the right people, processes and systems to work together to create lasting change. Ensuring HR teams have the right skills and practical guidance to turn intention to action and create diverse organisations is key.

We’ve created this FREE online course for you and your team to upskill and make practical changes to your assessment and recruitment processes.

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About the Course

Our 'Equitable Assessment' course includes three modules – understanding the landscape, overcoming obstacles and turning intention into action. Each module includes discussion of key issues, along with practical resources and advice, thought leadership and real-world examples. There are also practical exercises to complete throughout to support your learning.

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Module 1

Understanding the landscape.

  • Appreciate the breadth of issues that remain.
  • Understand the differences between diversity, inclusion, equity and equality and their practical implications.
  • Recognise the role of assessment in diversity and inclusion.
  • Gain clarity over the business case for equitable assessment.
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Module 2

Overcoming the obstacles to diversity, inclusion and equity.

  • Understand the psychological phenomena that can impact diversity and inclusion at an individual, group and organisational level.
  • Appreciate common barriers to change that can impact the efficacy of organisational initiatives.
  • Identify specific components of the assessment process that can threaten diversity, inclusion, and equity.
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Module 3

Turning intention into action.

  • Learn about Sova’s maturity model to obtain a practical framework to optimise your approach.
  • Recognise the importance of a strategic, long term perspective to support meaningful and sustained change.
  • Obtain tailored feedback for your organisation by completing our complimentary online assessment.

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