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New brand, same mission - changing assessment for good

Since Sova was born, we’ve been driven by a passion and commitment to build assessment solutions that help organisations make better, fairer decisions about people and their careers. This ambition is shared by our investors, Octopus Group, whose investment is helping us achieve our goal - to change assessment for good.

Our new brand represents a bold evolution as we continue our journey to transform and innovate. Alongside the launch of our new brand, we’re launching the Sova Assessment Community. We aim to diversify decision making for organisations, and drive progression for individuals, by helping more people find the right role, at each stage of their career journey.

Sova’s scientifically strong, digitally delivered solution harnesses the rigour of psychology with smart technology to deliver fair, equitable outcomes without compromising on anything else. Our Community enables us to share this ambition at scale.

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Changing Assessment for Good

Changing assessment for good is a mantra that we believe will work for everyone. For the good of your candidates. For the good of your company. For the good of your HR team and for the good of assessment.

Traditional approaches to assessment have limitations in terms of fairness, and in their ability to deliver an engaging and seamless experience. Unlike other platforms that offer static or fragmented piecemeal solutions, Sova enables companies to make fair data-driven decisions with immersive digital candidate experiences.

  • For the good of your candidates - Objectivity and fairness of opportunity, rather than a biased, outdated approach.
  • For the good of your company – A seamless and digital experience that helps organisations build a diverse and agile workforce that succeeds in achieving its goals.
  • For the good of your HR team- Removing the hassle of hiring and time-consuming administration associated with managing an assessment process.
  • For the good of assessment – Enabling businesses to make fairer hiring decisions by offering a smooth, transparent, enjoyable process.
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Be a part of the change

An appetite for positive change in assessment, and a belief that technology and social learning can support this journey, motivated us to develop our newly launched Sova Assessment Community.

As a community member, you’ll gain access to bite-sized learning that is relevant to you and your team. You can complete online courses and connect with experts in the Sova team. Importantly you can learn, share and engage with peers through communities of practice.

Alongside professionals from a variety of organisations with different backgrounds and perspectives, we will help you optimise your learning. So, wherever you are on your journey, please join us as part of the Sova community and be part of changing assessment for good.

To get involved, join the Sova Assessment Community by registering here

Changing assessment for good
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