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AI & machine learning

Sova’s automated assessment software helps you to consistently make fair decisions that support more diverse hiring and progression. Measuring the success of AI tools as being ‘better than CV screening’ is not good enough. We believe that AI in assessment needs to far surpass the alternatives, not just equal them.

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AI you can count on

We only use proven AI in which we’re fully confident. We use nothing experimental. The tools we use are thoroughly tested and proven to be more predictive, fairer and more accurate than the alternatives. For example, we do not use facial recognition in video interviews. When we assess for technical skills or soft skills, we ensure that it’s in line with the requirements of the role and your organisation.

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No compromise
on fairness

We only apply AI to parts of our platform where we can do so in line with our core principles and where we know it adds value for clients and candidates. We commit to innovation without compromise on fairness or prediction. For talent assessment, skills assessment and psychometric assessments, Sova adds AI to parts of the process where it supports efficiency and fairness.

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We apply AI ethically to make fairer decisions and to alleviate the inefficiencies of the assessment process, ensuring that we stay client and candidate focused above anything else. Best practice, not just industry standards. Automated assessment tools can be used to build efficiency and accuracy into the hiring process whilst ensuring the selection of top talent.

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Confidence in our models means we offer transparency to our clients about how decisions are made and how we assess candidates. We want to educate the buyers of our platform so that our clients can easily explain processes to candidates - with trust and confidence.

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feedback loop

Selection becomes more accurate when the process is constantly optimised. Machine learning offers the best opportunity to continuously monitor and improve the effectiveness and fairness of our assessment solutions even at scale. Reporting generated by machine learning regularly informs the talent teams about how assessments are performing and how outcomes can be improved.

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What are the benefits of AI assessment software?

Using AI to augment human activity is where technology adds most value and at Sova we’re working to develop our psychology alongside our technology. Here’s how AI can support better assessment:

  • More right-fit employees. By using AI in assessment companies can analyse the whole person using predictive algorithms that measure candidates against the true predictors of success.
  • Eliminate bias. AI can help ensure the assessment process is fair and objective if models measure candidates on only the factors that matter.
  • Improve candidate experience. Using AI means the candidate experience can be fast, engaging, personalised, digitally enabled and simplified.
  • Hiring efficiencies. A combination of reduced time to hire, reduced cost to hire, and reduced attrition due to poor fit can all be supported by an AI-led recruitment process.
  • A rich data set. Data gathered about candidates from the first interaction can be used throughout the recruitment process, and later for learning, development and career planning.

To read more about the uses of AI in assessment, download our white paper...

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