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Digital Assessment Centres

Our digital assessment centre combines all aspects of scheduling, virtual assessment tools, online results capture and reporting in one cohesive solution. Sova’s digital assessment centre can be deployed in face-to-face environments or in conjunction with video conferencing technology for a fully virtual assessment experience in a work from anywhere world.

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What is a digital assessment centre?

Sova’s digital assessment centre is accessed via a branded digital assessment centre homepage. From this homepage candidates can navigate to all their assessments. This may include welcome information, question-and-answer sessions, participation in a group exercise, case studies, online psychometric assessments, giving a presentation and having an interview.

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How does a digital assessment centre work?

Before the assessment centre, candidates receive guidance on what to expect, pre-work and preparation materials. On the day, each assessor is provided with their own schedule of tasks which they work through on a tablet or desktop. As each exercise is completed, assessors submit their results which are captured centrally to be reviewed and scored later within the platform. Candidate feedback reports can be generated automatically.

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Digital assessment for employee selection

The assessment centre is a key milestone and brand-building opportunity in the recruitment process, so it’s important to deliver a positive and developmental experience for candidates. Our virtual assessment centre technology transforms the assessment experience for candidates and assessors as part of an in-person, hybrid or completely virtual process.

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Digital assessment centre for development

Sova’s digital assessment tools are equally as effective when used for development such as the identification of high potentials or enrolment onto leadership development programmes. A virtual candidate assessment centre can be built around a programme’s specific requirements and can be positioned as a developmental activity.

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Why a digital assessment centre?

  • A rich candidate experience: Personalised invitations and interactive and relevant pre-work content helps create an engaging and efficient candidate experience. Using virtual break-out rooms to provide an ‘online concierge’ and provide additional support to candidates throughout the day.
  • Improved performance through faster hiring decisions: Speed up scoring and production of shortlists by the recruitment team using Sova’s online wash-up functionality. Immediate reporting within the platform is mapped against your competency framework enabling you to make faster hiring decisions without compromising on accuracy.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Reduce the environmental impact of travel and accommodation and save on printing and paper by eliminating the need to print CVs and interview or activity materials. A virtual candidate assessment centre can lead to improved CSR outcomes that can boost candidate perception and employer brand.
  • Better use of assessor time: Built-in timetabling tools automatically populate the schedule with candidates matched to assessors, significantly reducing manual preparation time. In virtual deployment, the system enables coordinated allocation of video conferencing rooms to each activity, removing the need for any logistical coordination on the day.

Candidate care in a digital assessment centre

Digital doesn’t have to mean distant when it comes to candidate care. There are lots of opportunities before, during and after the assessment centre to reassure and engage with candidates. Here are our top tips when using Sova’s digital assessment centre tools:

  • Host pre assessment centre briefings and guidance on what to expect, delivered via video.
  • Use engaging, interactive, job-relevant content within the recruitment assessment centre assessments.
  • Include some ‘Get to know us’ sessions for example, with current graduate programme participants using a virtual room with drop-in slots built into the timetable.
  • Share automated candidate feedback with all candidates.

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