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Assessment Maturity Audit

The Assessment Maturity Audit

A robust and efficient assessment process enables organisations to hire the best talent, predict performance and potential, and drive talent mobility and development.

That is why we are excited to launch our new Assessment Audit tool, which can help you assess your organisation's assessment maturity, identify gaps and strengths, and provide recommendations on how to improve your assessment processes and outcomes.

The Assessment Audit is a quick and easy way to gain a comprehensive understanding of your assessment strategy.

By taking a 15-minute assessment, you can benchmark your assessment maturity against best-in-class digital assessments. Based on this benchmark, you'll received personalised recommendations to help improve your organisation's assessment processes, from candidate experience to talent development.

Take the Assessment Maturity Audit today:

How it works

Sova's Assessment Maturity Audit is a comprehensive tool to help you understand your organisations' assessment approach against 3 dimensions.

  1. Efficiency and processes: Assessment efficiency and time to offer, optimisation of process and data and reporting
  2. Effectiveness: Predictive accuracy, fairness and EDI and talent development and mobility
  3. Experience: Candidate and hiring manager experience and relevance

Upon completion of the assessment, your organisation's maturity level in each area is scored and classified as one of the following:

  • Foundation: This may be a maturity gap for your business
  • Evolving: Some things you're doing well but there's scope for improvement
  • Advanced: This may be a maturity strength for your business

You'll then a receive a bespoke and comprehensive report that includes an Executive Summary detailing your maturity strengths and gaps, a dashboard of assessment maturity against the three dimensions and recommendations for next steps to help you apply the insight.

It takes around 15 minutes to complete and compares your business to best-in-class digital assessment practices.

The Assessment Audit is completely free and designed to provide you with valuable insights that can help you take the next steps in your assessment journey.

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